Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures: Take 72!

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We hope you're sitting down because you absolutely will not believe this: Kim Kardashian has posted bikini photos of herself on Twitter.

Crazy, we know! The reality star apparently just decided to give her followers a treat, expose some MAJOR cleavage and provide us with a look at her in a Hawaiian, high-waisted two-piece.

"Me Ke Aloha," Kim wrote underneath one of these images, a term that translates to "with love." Or is it with big boobs? We'll need to check the dictionary...

Kim Kardashian, Breasts
New Kim Kardashian Bikini Pic

When not doing... ummm... whatever it is she does, Kardashian has been taking self-portraits of herself in a bathing suit all summer long and publishing them online.

Do you prefer her in a one-piece or a two-piece? What about the unique look seen here? What do you make of it?


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Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures: Take 72!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


She just has a fat ass -- nothing nice about it -- could stand to lose a few pounds.


Everything she puts on that massive, sloppy backside makes it look like she's wearing adult diapers. Several pair at once, that is.


All the haters coud talkk blah blah blah kim just do ur thing.. just keeping it hott and hope ur relation ship goes outt the best with kanye west the mega starrr...


Thats a big bikini bottom.


OMG, acting like a mean person and it’s not good. Sorry for any comment that might have been hurtful. How stupid to dislike someone because of nasty gossip and rumors – maybe they’re BS. Time to move forward. Best to Kim and all her fans. Goodbye and take care all.


bottom part looks like a suit from the 1950's. reminds me of movie stars in ww2 movies. but they wouldn't get away with the top part with all the cleavage


More photos of skank whore Kim who can’t get enough attention.


Is everyone at this point just laughing at how desperate for attention she is. Get up,get a grip and get your trampy uneducated self somewhere. She has gone over 30 and acts so pathetic!!


Yes, your ass DOES look fat.

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