Kim Kardashian Asks: Does My Butt Look Fat?

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It's the question all boyfriends and husband dread: Does this make my butt look big?

And it's the same one Kim Kardashian has now decided to ask of her millions of Twitter followers.

The reality star took a break over the weekend from sending out photos of her wild hair and bikini body, instead focusing on her most famous body part and Tweeting the following photo/caption:

Ummm in a fitting w @MonicaRoseStyle I think my butt looks too big in these jeans.

Kim Kardashian Butt

Cue the sympathy of countless Kardashian acolytes, who all wrote in to assure Kim that no, of course that isn't true... she's gorgeous and perfect... and they all just wish they could be like her.

Pardon us while we vomit.

But if Kim is asking, here's your chance to answer: Do these jeans make her butt look fat?


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And you say you have a Bikini.


Ur ass is that big, it looks like two planets orbiting each other.....!!!!


It looks gross! Plus your too old to be posting your a$$! Your just concided Kim!!


Do you REALLY want to spend your life hearing 'does this make my ass look big...'? My wife, 2 kids, 36D, 34 hips, all natural.


I certainly wouldn't be wearing those pants if my rear looked like that!!!! Why would you put yourself through all the comments by posting that on-line, when you HAVE to know those pants don't fit well??


Her ass is HUGE and disgusting. GET OVER YOURSELF KIM NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAT ASS! Go away already!!


No it doesnt look big, it looks ginormous! Stop it! I agree, in your 30s you dont publish pic of your self like this. Do you really need to beg for compliments? Needy much? Ugh


News Flash, Kim: Most of us don't care about you or your body! That being said, I REALLY think it's time you stop lying by saying you are a size 2. And stop posting pics of your a$$ on Twitter. People in their 30's don't do that!


I wouldnt wear these ugly ass pants and def wouldnt if my ass looked like this in them