Kim Kardashian Asks: Does My Butt Look Fat?

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It's the question all boyfriends and husband dread: Does this make my butt look big?

And it's the same one Kim Kardashian has now decided to ask of her millions of Twitter followers.

The reality star took a break over the weekend from sending out photos of her wild hair and bikini body, instead focusing on her most famous body part and Tweeting the following photo/caption:

Ummm in a fitting w @MonicaRoseStyle I think my butt looks too big in these jeans.

Kim Kardashian Butt

Cue the sympathy of countless Kardashian acolytes, who all wrote in to assure Kim that no, of course that isn't true... she's gorgeous and perfect... and they all just wish they could be like her.

Pardon us while we vomit.

But if Kim is asking, here's your chance to answer: Do these jeans make her butt look fat?


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Those pants look like latex . Ohhhh yeaaahh I bet when she takes them off all the Kenya West juice drips out too . Barebackin hoe


OMG. The biggest attention seeking whore ever. Cannot stand this dumbass bitch!




Greedy, self-absorbed woman (with a big ass).


THese people will do anything to be in the news no matter how stupid they appear. She has the time to do all of that but no time to go and do her deposition for her divorce. Kris did it in June and because of busy schedule she has not. Busy schedule ... 2 holidays, one in Paris, the other in Hawai.. going around with Kanye but she has no time for the divorce that she wants fast. No financial statements, no unedited show from the network etc. WHat is doing on, why are they delaying... I think they want Kris to get fed up with waiting. I hope he will stay the course and not be manipulated by this greedy, immoral family. MB


Lay off McDonald's.


omg!!! looks like she should be strolling the aisles in walmart!!!!


good for you SAMMIE!!!! IF that is her butt, she is NO SIZE 2 as she claims! i wear a 2 and i'm 108 lbs. that butt pictured there weighs more than ME! whhaaahahahahahaaa.....


What is wrong with her. How old does she think she is? Grow up!!! That picture is just awful!!


U guyz r so mean -.-