Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Go Wild with Joe Francis in Mexico

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently went wild with the man behind Girls Gone Wild, vacationing in Mexico with Joe Francis, who just posted a photo of the trio during a break from ziplining.

If that seems random, consider: Francis made his fortunate by videotaping naked girls. And Kardashian... well... we all know how she made herself famous.

Joe Francis, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Francis reportedly hosted the getaway, renting a home and putting up Kim, Kanye and other pals.

It's just the latest adventure for the tandem dubbed Kimye. The twosome rode a roller coaster last month and also shared a photo of that ride with friends and followers. See, they're just like every other couple in love out there.

With the exception that they aren't really in love and are just milking an ignorant public for publicity, that is.


I've recently watched Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Go Wild with Joe Francis in Mexico
Seems homemade to me
Good luck!


Joe Francis is such a weasel-like DIRTBALL!!!!! Back in the day, he was charged with and found guilty on the following charges:
1. Income tax invasion.
2. Featuring underage girls in his Girls Gone Wild videos.
3. Financial fraud.
4. Rape.
5. Physically abusing women.
Bottom Line: In terms of being media-hungry whores, Joe Francis, Kim Kar-Trash-Ian and Kanye West are TRIPLE THE TRASH!!!!!


They ALL look horrible
in this picture.
Im just glad that they ALL
excercising though.


Oh Carol some day you will see the light,for what they are 3 d-bags!!!!


Look ma 3 d-bags all in a row..... LOL!!!!


why are u so heartless thats why you sit will never be anything,,it will just be a place ppl will come and laugh at your rumors,stupidity and lack of creativity,,,thank Go they dont read sites like this..hollywood gossip should really be closed down..

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