Kendall Jenner: I Want To Be the Next Gisele!

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Give Kendall Jenner credit for aiming high.

And then try not to laugh at her for aiming way, way, way too high.

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At a party in Los Angeles this week celebrating her and sister Kyle's Seventeen Magazine cover (seriously, must this family throw a party for every conceivable occasion?!?), the 16-year old shared with E! News her career ambitions.

"I want to be the next Gisele B√ľndchen," Jenner said. "Everything she does, who she is, what she's done, she's just amazing."

We can't argue with that. Have you scrolled through our gallery of Gisele photos?

But will Kendall achieve the sort of success that this super, duper model has enjoyed? We somehow doubt it. Gisele didn't rely on a sibling filming herself having sex in order to get a head start.



STOP with all the daily Kardashian BS stories! Everywhere we go it's Kardashian BS. Just because their dad's best friend damn near chopped off a woman's head and brutally killed her friend . . THAT qualified these airheads to have to be in our lives constantly? Reality tv is the dumbing down of America.


Wow that is a low blow THG to trash a young girl for having a dream! How pathetic! She is young and beautiful and she can aim as high as she wants. I wonder what you look like???? How far did you aim with your life?? Trashing celebrities! L O S E R ! Whoever wrote this is a douchebag!!!


Are you serious?? You are going to trash talk a lil girl like that? Ok so yes her sister had a sex tape and yes maybe her mother is a fame whore but that doesnt mean that kendall cant make a name for herself. Do you seriously love talking shit? Who are you to talk most of your posts are copied in full from either tmz or perez. Grow up!


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