Kelly Clarkson Loves, Covers Mariah Carey

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Our love affair with Kelly Clarkson knows no bounds.

As the American Idol champion continues to take fan requests across the nation, we've been chronicling her journey of covers by posting Clarkson's takes on Kings of Leon, Florence + the Machine and many others.

The latest performance took place last night in Canandaigua, New York and involved Kelly honoring one of her idols, Mariah Carey. Who will always be Clarkson's baby? Brandon Blackstock, she hopes.

Watch the cover now:


Really Julie! Then why is Kelly Clarkson still the top American Idol. She sold more albums the Carrie and is a more better singer then Carrie. So shut up please.


Wow! You are talking about someone being down to earth, not a hillbilly! She can sing anything and she is not classed as a country singer but she can sing country music extremely well. The fans relate to her because she is not a phony! Kelly is also instantly likeable.......pull your head out of the sand and refocus!Maybe your vision is poor.


Kelly Clarkson's demeanor and behaviour is hillbilly - she is so unlike other country singers e.g. Carrie Underwood who is classy and instantly likeable.

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