Kayla Goldberg: Kris Humphries Gave Me Herpes!

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A woman named Kayla Goldberg has filed a lawsuit against Kris Humphries because she claims the estranged husband of Kim Kardashian gave her Herpes.

Really, we couldn't make up stories about this guy if we tried.

Kris Humphries, Head Down

According to TMZ sources, Goldberg alleges she met Humphries at a bar in Los Angeles in August 2010. They flirted and exchanged information and later went back to Kris' hotel room, where they reportedly engaged in many rounds of sex, including of the oral variety.

Goldberg says Humphries did not always wear a condom, nor did he inform her that he possessed the STD in question.

A week later - boom! - Kayle was diagnosed with Herpes. She is now suing Kris for unspecified damages.

This could clearly be nothing more than a money grab. But between Goldberg and Myla Sinanaj and Kardashian, Humphries knows how to pick his women.

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Deon we are not saying anything we can to defend him.You just want to believe anything u read u Brainwashed gullible motherfucker-stick to reading AND believing tmz n gossip sites,u just sound stupid n uneducated Oh n I love how...THREE of these lawyers filing this suit are relatively new and specialise in INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY_its either she's helping out her friends to get their name out there or whatever_but u dnt care right coz ur BRAINWASHED


Most woman have herpes anyway because they let men do whatever they want to them because they ALL want to have a husband . I would rather cut my pecker off than have to deal with a "hole" to come home to after a long day of work . A ring doesn't plug a hole sadly .


How convenient that this 'story' comes out right when Kardashian is trying to discredit Humphries in the divorce court. Methinks Pimp Mom might be behind it. What a load of rubbish.


Kris Humphries is nothing but an overgrown Neanderthal......he's so stupid, that he had to have his mommy speak for him during a tv interview a few months back when he and Kim K split......Kim K has some wierd taste in dudes, but this one is just an IDIOT! I hope they throw him back under the rock he crawled out from under.....DUH!


My boyfriend intentionally gave me herpes and then said "oh, we can get married since we both have it now." He was serious. Of course he got dumped immediately. My doctor said it has a 10 day incubation period. So it couldn.t have been from him. For anyone dating you can get it with a condom if it is on the outside.


Most of u ppl will say anything to defend this idiot. It was also reported that he gave it to another woman a few months ago. He said he was tested and it was neg. This story just came out. There is no way he could have gotten results that quick.


whatever... she probably does have herpes, doubt kris humphries have them to her.


She can't prove it. She's willing to go public saying she has lesions on her genitalia (TMZ) from 2 yrs ago! All for $$$ imo. Boy, what some will do...Why didn't we hear from her then? She says she had symptoms 1 wk later. I wonder if the $24 mill contract he just signed has something to do with it. This is the slime you have to deal with when you have fame, success and/or money. One other thing. She repeatedly had unprotected sex with someone she didn't know on the day she met him. Ultimately, you're responsible for protecting yourself. I'd never take the word of someone i didn't even know. What if he or she is a liar??? She's gonna regret this 1 decision forever. Don't let it be you...


It happened in 2010 and in 2012 she decides to report it!!! It sounds like a scam. Kris and Kim married in Aug 2011 after 6months courtship so it cannot be Kim's doing. It is another woman who wants publicity. MB


can an std test tell when you contracted the std? how can she prove that HE was the one who gave her herpes?