Katrina Darling on Prince Harry Nude Vegas Pictures: Cause For Celebration!

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Prince Harry will never pose in Playgirl, but his nude Vegas adventures are still a cause for celebration, at least according to Kate Middleton's cousin.

September's Playboy cover model Katrina Darling is speaking out in support of Harry and the pics that leaked following his apparent billiards game.

"I was shocked that the public were surprised that there is a young man having fun, partying and being comfortable with his body," she said Thursday.

Naked Prince Harry
Katrina Darling Image

"I don't think anyone should be sending a message that it is wrong or sordid to be nude. It's not," says Katrina Darling, a burlesque dancer by trade.

"Shaming someone for being nude is not a positive attitude to teach people, the human form is a beautiful and amazing thing to be celebrated."

Says Kate's cousin of the Prince Harry naked scandal: "He didn't choose to be a role model, he's human and living a life most can only dream of."

But the royal family may not agree with Darling.

"This is a mess," a source close to Harry said following the leak. "This was not the type of fun he was supposed to be having. He's in big trouble."
Katrina Darling Playboy Cover
Prince Harry Naked

What do you think? Is Harry's conduct unbecoming of a royal? Or do you agree with Katrina that it's all in good fun, or even a celebration of nudity?

Prince Harry:


im arman r u katrina.?i miss u katrina.i love u.


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she is right, he is human and didn't ask to born into royality. I can't stand it when the public flips out over the stuff celebs do,whether it be having an affair, or having nude pics exposed. Celebs are people to, they do they same things joe blow down the street from u do but we never go off on him for his acts like we do celebs!


Since when prince Harry turning into barbaric and lost his sophistacated dom?


So what.... Whats the big deal he's served his country and now he is blowing of some steam. And as for the scanks that took the pictures, the was looking for a quick paday.


Leave harry alone hes ok just haveing fun i hope the girls who took the pics enjoy their five mins of fame and u get taxed on the money bitches harry you rock


Love ya Harry, but you need some serious sun on those legs.

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