Katie Couric Laments Ann Curry Firing

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Katie Couric may have left The Today Show in 2006, but she still has some strong opinions regarding the current state of the program. Specifically, its handling of Ann Curry.

And they aren't very positive.

Katie Couric and Ann Curry

"I felt really bad for Ann. I still don't understand why they didn't give her sort of a proper send-off," Couric told Philly.com this week as part of her promotion for Katie, which premieres on September 10, adding:

"Ann did some extraordinary work during her time there. It was just not the best chapter in The Today Show. It made me sad for the institution."

That's for sure.

Ratings for the program haven't picked up and there's reportedly even chatter that many employees want Matt Lauer gone next. The juggernaut has fallen has very hard times.

Couric, though, kicks off her talk show next month and has booked Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow as her opening day guests. She says she's inspired by Oprah, but...

"When people say, 'Are you the new Oprah?' I say, 'No, I'm the old Katie.'"

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I love Ann Curry, the Today Show will not be the same without her and I must admit don't watch the show like I used to. Good luck Ann, something better is coming your way


I agree. Savannah Guthrie is obviously phony. It shines through. She cannot hide it behind makeup. That 'I just want to get ahead, even if I have to step on heads' personality. She's nausiating to me. I loved Ann Curry and I wish her all the success in the world. Hang in there Ann.


I love Ann Curry and thought she was the classiest woman on TV. I have completely switched to GMA just because I cannot stand Savannah and Matt Lauer. They are such phonies.


Katie, Loved on the Today Show. This talk show is
great! I will be watching as often as I can.


Ann Curry was fired because of ratings? What do they think Samantha is gonna do? They just need some better exec's....


"Opie' got too big for her britches (HA). Her time has come and gone. Go Katie and Ann!!


I miss Ann Curry She is a great ladie and always brought us good news stories


Sorry I forgot to mention I love Katie and Ann. D-bag matt needs to go. Oprah is still desperate!

@ Snicker

keep matt off


these women make the difference.......


There is not one thing that is inspirational about Oprah thinking interviewing any Kartrashian is worth the time of day in the media. Please that women is desperate for her network that didn't realize most of the people home to watch her are retired and have do not have full cable or satellite access. They are on a budget. Her time has come and gone!!

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