Kathie Lee Gifford to Parents of Drug Addicts: You're FAILURES!

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Kathie Lee Gifford is facing some heavy criticism from fans after strongly implying to Family Circle magazine that parents of drug addicts are failures.

The quote in question, from her recent interview:

"I'm not a perfect mom, but my kids haven't been arrested, in rehab or kicked out of school, so I must be doing something right!"

Her implication, intentionally are not, is that the parents of kids who have been arrested, in rehab or kicked out of school are not doing it right.

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Many of Kathie Lee Gifford's fans are, predictably, far from pleased and telling her off as a result, posting blistering rebukes on her Facebook page.

"Well Kathy, here is a pic of my little brother who we lost at the age of 33 yrs old due to a DISEASE called DRUG ADDICTION," wrote one fan.

"I find it funny we were both raised by the same woman called MOM ... I am NOT an ADDICT and NEVER was ... Poor parenting?? Gimme a break."

Another went right after the talk show host, saying: "Shame on you Kathie Lee Gifford, shame on you. You are a thoughtless human being."

"You know the first thing they teach in counseling for loved ones of addicts? The three C's; you DIDN'T cause it, you CAN'T cure it, and you CAN'T control it."

"Poor parenting?? I'm glad you never had to face any of your babies drowning in a disease they could not be cured from."

And on and on and on. Kathie Lee - who also made news recently for asking Martin Short about his late wife - may not have meant to suggest this about all parents of troubled children, but she nonetheless did, and she's hearing about it.

What do you think of Gifford's controversial comments?


I posted something earlier stating that MS. Gifford is priivledged woman who never suffered poverty, addictions. I also mentioned that my sister was a fashion designer who died 46 almost 2yrs ago, my mom did everything right. im a nurse, brother is a Social Worker, and one is a politician. Parents do the best they can,people like Kathy who never suffered, except for a cheating scandal, has never been thru shit that matter. Please keep my post on as a tribute to my poor late sister and my mother who is heartbroken becasue she feels like she failed somwhow as a mother. Thank Kathy Lee


This is yet another media lie. Kathie Lee Gifford never called anyone a "failure". This is just a pathetic attempt on the part of media to get attention, because more people are watching Kathie Lee Gifford than are reading this trash.


Uh....she did NOT call anyone a "failure". And she has a right to her opinion, whether you agree with it or NOT. This country is becoming "PC" to a FAULT. You can't tell it like it is anymore because nothing is ANYONE'S fault anymore, everyone has a disease or disorder so you're not supposed to hold them accountable for anything they do----this is part of the problem.


Give me a break. The blame is not solely on the parent for a child choosing that kind of lifestyle. We are all responsible for our own actions no matter what. While it's true that there are parents who do not actively participate in a childs life/keep up on their activities which equals not making sure they're not doing something they're not supposed it doesn't mean the child will comply or even be prevented from doing these kind of things. Parents aren't always around their kids, they choose to do what they want on their own. That doesn't make the parent a failure, it makes the child responsible for what they've chosen to do of their own free will. Yes parents can set examples but can only do so much.


Kathy Lee is absolutely correct, parents do not know how to raise their children they give in to all there whims, spoiled them to the core, and then the kids turn around and bull crap them in the face.


In more ways than one, Kathie Lee Gifford has some goddamn nerve. I'm not a parent, but I firmly believe that parents are doing the very best that they can to raise their children. That self-righteous windbag Kathie Lee calling parents of drug addicts failures is further proof that Kathie Lee needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! Back in the day, I was so glad when Kathie Lee left that talk show she used to host with Regis Philbin. After her annoying ass left, the show itself became so much better after Kelly Ripa came on-board. And, I remember how Kathie Lee's nagging, whining and possessiveness drove her husband Frank to cheat on her with that stewardess. Most of all, I totally agree with robin...Kathie Lee is nothing but an IGNORANT piece of crap!!!!! Kathie Lee Gifford= ANNOYING, INSUFFERABLE, POMPOUS, WHINY-ASS BITCH!!!!!


I think the real question here is "why is the media slamming Kathie Lee Gifford"? They are even LYING to do it.


This article appears to be a LIE. Where's the quote where Kathie Lee called anyone a "failure"? She didn't. She simply said, in an apparently lighthearted manner, that she, as a parent, "must be doing something right" because her children turned out well. I hear parents say that sort of thing all the time. This isn't a problem with Kathie Lee. It's yet another media failure.


What an idiot! Maybe her good parenting skills work with the children but her wife skills apparently fall short. She seems to have forgotten that her life isn't perfect. Does anyone besides me remember her Stud Muffin Husband (that's how she referred to him) had a longtime affair that made it to video?


No no no. Anyone can get addicted to drugs. Rich poor, black white or green. I got addicted at 37 to a drug a surgeon put me on after a major surgery. After I stopped taking these pills, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Didn't have a clue why.....Went to a shrink and he put me on the same meds, AND THEY WERE NOT ADDICTIVE..... really???? 7 months later I realized I was hooked at the age of 37...Never touched pot or anything in my life. Can anyone say XANAX???? I damn near sued that doctor and he knew it. He swore at the time these pills were not habit forming. Took me 4 months to wean myself off this drug....
My neighbors granny was going into Rehab for her addiction to Valium.....
Again, anyone can get addicted, it's just pure luck Kathy that yours haven't....but never talk about anyone else's kids, cause you don't know what yours are going to do or are doing when you aren't around.

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