Katherine Jackson Reinstated as Grandkids' Guardian; Suggests Being Duped Into Arizona Trip

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The Jackson family turmoil appears to be simmering down as matriarch Katherine Jackson was reinstated as a guardian of her grandchildren today.

The news comes less than 24 hours after Jermaine Jackson put forth an "olive branch" and backed off his challenge to late brother Michael's will.

At a hearing Thursday, Judge Mitchell Beckloff said Katherine was doing a "wonderful job" with MJ's kids, Prince, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10.

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"It's clear that the children are well cared for by Mrs. Jackson," he said, according to the L.A. Times. "It is clear to me they love her very much."

The judge also said that the kids' cousin T.J. Jackson, 34, who was named temporary guardian at an earlier emergency hearing, would remain so.

The ruling came after MJ's brother Jermaine said he had withdrawn his signature from a letter calling Michael's will "fake, flawed and fraudulent."

Jermaine, Tito, Rebbie, Randy and Janet Jackson accused the executors of the estate of mismanagement and possibly harming Katherine Jackson.

Relations haven't thawed entirely, however. In a court declaration, Katherine seems to suggest she was tricked into traveling to Arizona last month.

There, she claims she was blocked from communicating with Prince, Paris, and Blanket - implying there was a coup to strip her of guardianship.

Katherine claims she was set to go on a road trip to New Mexico to watch her sons' concert, until an unnamed doctor told her it was better to fly instead.

Katherine says she obliged, believing the doctor was under the orders of her longtime physician, but when she got off the plane, found herself in Tucson.


According to her lawyer, "Her children took her to a spa ... because she had high blood pressure." She says her phone and iPad were taken away, her in-room telephone was disconnected and TV was also shut off.

When Katherine asked about the grandchildren, she was told "they were fine" and there was nothing to worry about. She says she did not know she had been reported missing and her grandkids were freaking out.

The declaration contradicts her earlier claims calling the Arizona trip a brief vacation, but surprisingly doesn't sound so unbelievable in the context of everything that's transpired in the last several weeks.


@whitekids-obviously you believe the almighty God media. I pity you learn the media have manpulated, defrauded, deceived & led sheep (like you) into doing & thinking what they wish. Court/legal documentation apparently doesn't matter-just believe CNN & all will be well. LMAO. Idiots.


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Strange that Michael Jackson's kids are all white. Why would he adpot white children? Or did he adopt them? It's obvious he wasn't their biological father. Wait! That's right! He was rich and he BOUGHT those kids. The only reason his dumb ass mother is raising them is because she is getting $86,000 a month to do so. Well, besides the fact that the family thinks they have the world fooled into not believing that Jackson was a psycho child molester. It appears as if he may have kept his paws off his own "kids." Thank goodness.

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