Kate Upton: Nude in Contributor Magazine!

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Kate Upton poses nude in the new issue of Contributor magazine.

Whatever Contributor magazine is, you gotta tip your hat to it.

Proving once again that anybody who thinks this she needs to lose weight is just insane, or bitter, the 20-year-old sported some lovely pieces from the Guess Marciano Collection during a revealing new photo shoot. Behold ...

Kate Upton Nude Photo

While she has yet to go full-frontal in her career, we previously saw Kate Upton nude in Muse, and close to it in Sports Illustrated and GQ.

Contributor's photos differ somewhat from those publications.

The gorgeous blonde's legs are the true star of this spread, along with her enviable curves (which real women have, you anorexic haters).

Click to enlarge more Kate Upton pictures below ...

Kate Upton Cleavage Photo
Kate Upton Sexy Pic
Kate Upton Sexy
Kate Upton in Contributor Magazine
Kate Upton Shirtless
Kate Upton, No Pants

[Photos: Contributor]


you are all fags & homos if you don't like female nudity!


she looks great keeping her clothes on.stop posing nude.it is inhuman


She's doing it Daina- she's doing it!


Sooooooooo what else does this girl do with her life?!? Sad.


I bet her family is SO proud of her.


She is a shameless slut period

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