Justin Bieber Records Video Message for Missy Franklin

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For Missy Franklin, it pays to win a Gold Medal.

Yes, that's literally true, based on the monetary award given to Olympic champions. But it's also true emotionally, as this 17-year old swimming star has found out.

The Colorado native has already received Twitter props from Justin Bieber, but the singer and his adorable brother have now taken it a congratulatory step further. Watch their video message to Franklin below, along with her reaction to it:

Franklin, who has earned four Gold Medals in London and says she'll soon attend a Bieber concert, said of her experience after finishing first in the 4X100-meter medley relay on Saturday:

"I am over the moon. I'm not even on Cloud 9, I'm on Cloud 568! It's just amazing."


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Stop hatin on JB!!!he made a mistake and he should own up to it so sto hatin!!!


I personally hate Justin Bieber, people may say he is not but i stand by what I say. :) He is weird, and I think he dresses like a Gay, he might not be gay but he looks gay. Anyway, I am not easily pleased by Justin Bieber normally but I thought that is was really sweet for him to do that for messy. (Messy is amazing)


No she is 17. Her birthday is in May...idiot


JB is just horny, nuff said..


She's not 17 yet. Not until October. She's only 16. And he's got a look of lust in his eyes that creeps me out.


I think this is fun for Missy and well deserved! I can imagine that this is a very exciting time for her, especially being recognized by celebrities who she only looked up to before. It will probably take a while to realize she in a way has celebrity status now. I’ve enjoyed watching her event. Thankfully I haven’t missed any of my favorite events because I watch on my phone. I was glad my Dish coworker suggested the Dish Remote Access app because I’m able to watch both live and recorded shows and also set up DVR timers all from my phone.

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