Justin Bieber Offends Canadian Aboriginals; Should He Apologize?

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What was intended to be a joke by Justin Bieber has landed the singer in a bit of hot water.

In an interview with Rolling Stone - inside the same issue that contains sex advice from the young star - Bieber is asked about his nationality and responds:

"I'm actually part Indian. I think Inuit or something? I'm enough percent that in Canada, I can get free gas."

Harmless, right? Not to everyone...

The Biebs on Stage

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples has chimed and the group is unhappy with the implication behind Justin's words.

"These kinds of remarks are another example of what Aboriginal Peoples in Canada struggle with every day," says the organization in a statement. "These kinds of remarks are another example of what Aboriginal peoples in Canada struggle with every day. It promotes the misconception that we are somehow getting a free ride. This simply is not the case and we are concerned that many people may believe what he said."

Honestly, many people likely don't even understand what Bieber said.

Still, he clearly did offend some people. Should Justin apologize?


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I totally agree with Justin. The aboriginal people in Canada, in general, are either lazy and expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter; or they are chiefs ripping off their tribes and becoming rich off the hard working caucasian people of Canada while their tribal members starve. They should start earning their own livings, and realize that the people of Canada don't owe them and the land belongs to all of us; and Indians are not any more special than any other cultures living in Canada today. I have worked all my life in Canada to support my family, and I don't expect the Government of Canada to give me any free tax breaks or funding that I haven't earned. Get off your lazy asses and earn an honest living like all other inhabitants of Canada. Quit complaining and expecting a free ride. I am getting kind of sick of all this complaining and reverse discrimination.

@ bob

Sir, your ignorance of facts is shocking and I had to type that to you, what you write is just pure rubbish, racially motivated, it borders on hate-speech, except you don't realize how little truth there is in what you write.


Justinbieber knws wht he say and knw also the reason y he said tht,but if u look inside the speech u wil knw tht it's reasonble


Justin bieber is a arrogant young man who should acutaully look into his heritage instead of throwing around statements that are untrue and hurting people.


Justin, Dont listen to what people say about you because you are a young talented man. Your music super awesome! I hope I can meet you in person someday! JUSTIN DREW BIEBER, YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ken1 you sound like an uneducated, racist redneck ....honestly that's just what you sound like...I don't mean to be offensive but that's how you are making yourself appear...and very angry as if this issue personally affects you...are you unemployed? Is that why you are so mad regarding this issue? Just curious after reading all your comments...


Ok so what he said was a little silly but funny as I can relate lol I'm in aus and if you are aboriginal here you get cars cash and free homes!!! It makes it pretty unfair for us normal battlers to get into the housing market it really annoys me!! They don't work don't have qualifications for anything the majority do sweet f all! It brings down the whole race specially those who try to have a go and make a life for themselves with out the gov hand outs be labelled as well. I think they should let this go it's not like he was caught using drugs or fighting or worse a simple joke back fired meh :)


Justin bieber is living proof you cannot reason with an idiot. An idiot that looks like a skinny lesbian.


Give us Give us Give us We give you free houses, you wreck them. We give you free education, you won't go. We give you free medical, you still get fat and die young. Go to school, pay your way. You dishonor your elders.


***drink not dink lol

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