Journey to Rock Republican National Convention

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Journey has been hired to perform at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday night, at a reported price of $500,000.

This doesn't necessarily mean they endorse Mitt Romney, however.

Journey Band Photo

"It's an RNC event, but not one to endorse any candidate or party," a source tells E! News.

"I believe Journey and also Zac Brown [also set to play Thursday] are described as nonpartisan but they aren't aware of any of the details themselves."

"To Journey, it's simple, one of hundreds of private [events] they get hired to do."

No word if everyone's favorite groupie Michaele Salahi will be on hand in Tampa.

Kid Rock, Trace Adkins, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Oak Ridge Boys and Lee Greenwood are also scheduled to perform at private events during the convention.

Sadly, no Dave Mustaine, Ted Nugent or Toby Keith at the RNC.

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Journey, you pussy sellout losers! How dare you stain Perry's work playing for these haters..... No longer a fan or ticker buyer..... just go away already.


Oh Erik, you are what we call a fair weathered fan... You are not true fans. you come and go. I am sure Journey would rather have you GO! Well hello president Romney!


Erik, get a grip. This is awesome. I've always loved I love them even more now. Shareholder value...middle class -- jeez, lighten up. We Republicans aren't the dark side (just the right side). :)


Wow, I am dis-heartened and shocked that "Journey" a bay area band would be so ignorant to play a venue that is political and on a side of politics that sells out it's fan base. If Neal, Ross, or Jonathan are remotely educated in politics and understand what shareholder value did to America's middle, and lower classes, -the fan base that made Journey an American institution- they would not play under this pretense! It is fan base suicide!! I will always love the music, but it raises my eyebrows when character goes out the window for a $500,000.00 dollar song or two. Truly sad, Erik

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