Jon Gosselin: Broke!

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Once a successful reality TV star, Jon Gosselin's fame and fortune have gone the way of his marriage, leaving him unable to even pay the bills.

So says Jon himself, allegedly, to Star Magazine.

"I can't afford to pay rent and the domestic-relations staff say they will put me in jail unless I pay child support,” Jon, 35, is quoted as saying.

“I am a single father who’s trying to make ends meet during a recession. What do I do - pay child support or rent? Obviously I need to support my kids. I could lose my house, though, and need my home to continue to have custody."

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"I decided to take the high road and quit reality television and now look, I'm could end up in jail because I can't afford to pay child support to Kate who has plenty of money," the former star complained, laughably, as if TLC didn't fire him.

“I’m doing the best I can, but life is expensive with eight kids!"

Hey, the Octomom porn is putting food on her kids' table. Maybe Jon should grow a pair and show it in his own adult film? Okay, maybe not.

In any event, holding down a job and making ends meet has been a difficult task for Jon, even if he and Kate Gosselin are on better terms.

Speaking of which, Jon doesn't support her new career path.

"I think this is completely ridiculous! We have eight children and they need us, and she is putting reality TV and dating in front of the kids," he says.

Jon, who is now dating Liz Jannetta, adds that, "I know I have a lot to be thankful for, but Kate's need to be famous is not one of them."



What is wrong with these two moronic parents? Stay out of the tabloids and handle your business, for the sake of the kids, behind closed doors. This is Jon and Kate Gosselin lame attempt to once again, woe is me, give me a show, pay me millions of dollars because I have no talent and deserve it, keep us in tabloid drama and dysfunction. These two exploiting parents of two sets of petri dish, paid for multiples, should have looked at how they would provide for these kids before they paid the doctor.


Oh poor Kate. Once again this mentally ill mother cannot keep her pathetic and continual child exploiting life out of the tabloids. What is wrong with these two Gosselin idiots? Before paying for petri dish multiples these two morons should have already figured the financial thing out without continual exploiting of the innocent kids.


I used to watch TLC with my 6 yr old daughter. We fell for this family and the daily ups and downs. Then Jon decided he wanted to relive his youth and sow some wild oats. What a joke he became. He became a loser and a laughing stock. He committed the ultimate betrayal not just to Kate (he knew she was anal when he married her) but to his children. Having multiple illicit affairs and staying out all night partying. His biggest complaint against
Kate was she was tanning,getting her nails and hair done, etc.. What was she suppose to do lay around depressed, embarrassed and get fat while he was getting sports cars for two (what about the kids) and hair plugs. He absolutely destroyed that show and everything good about it, not to mention, the monetary support of the family. He thought he was a stand out star. Again, what a joke. Cry us a river.


He decided to take the high road and quit reality tv? That's not quite how I remember it going down. He forced the show to end in order to get back at his ex wife. A little truth in lending here, please.


Even the minimum child support for eight kids has got to be ridiculous. Leaving reality TV the way he did was did he expect to support all those kids, anyway? For all her whining, Kate did end up in a much better position than Jon but since he is the one who blew up the family business I guess this is as much his responsibility as anyones. People need to think before they act, even celebrities.


Plus he had the kids fired.


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