John Rich Blasts Clay Aiken RNC Tweet as "Racist"

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John Rich and Clay Aiken missed each other on Celebrity Apprentice, with the country singer taking the title one season and the former American Idol finalist finishing second a year later.

And that's too bad because we can only imagine what fireworks may have exploded if these artists had actually done battle on national television.

Clay Aiken on the Red Carpet
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While watching last night's Republican National Convention in Tampa, Aiken Tweeted: "Playing drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention #soberasamormon."

The slam didn't sit well with Rich, who quickly responded by calling out the singer on Twitter: "You should be ashamed for racist comments like THAT!WOW... Clay, you're better than that...I hope."

Rich then referred to Aiken's charity - the National Inclusion Project, which helps kids with disabilities enjoy the same recreational opportunities as everyone else - and added:

"@clayaiken hashtags soberasamormon? I thought your charity was for inclusion, not EXCLUSION. What happened?... I've just had enough of this racist nonsense. It's sick. PLS STOP."

Aiken's reply took Rich and the Republicans to task: "My charity is. Why isn't your party? ;-) @johnrich."

As far as Twitter feuds go, this one actually comes across as somewhat respectable at least. No curse words, mostly decent grammar, even a smiley face emoticon.

Still, both men do raise real issues. Watch Ann Romney's RNC speech from last night now and decide: Which side are you on?


The republican party doesn't exclude anyone. Most minorities just aren't republican. I'm so sick of both parties playing the race card. Why don't we get back to the real issue? THE ECONOMY!


(continuaton of previous message)! us would be there when we needed it. I DEPLORE OBAMA's raiding of Medicare in order to fund OBAMACARE!!! I Deplore giving free housing, free health care, free pretty much everything to those unwilling to make ANY effort to work to support themselves!!! I deplore giving Illegal emmigrants a free pass!!! just because they are already here! The bizarre thing is, the Illegal Immigrants are taking the jobs away from the Legal Immigrants!!! Is there No One ready & able to steer this ship in the right direction???


I don't see why John Rich and others consider Clay's tweet to be racist. To me all it meant was that most blacks apparently were not interested in the political agenda of the Republicans. The tweet was a bit snarky about Clay and his brother being sober as Mormons, but I thought it was a clever use of that reference because Romney is a Mormon. Now where does the malignant of any particular race enter into the picture? Not any where! Rich's outcry was an exaggerated drama stunt acted out without any actual substance. The cry is bogus.




its nice to base your knowledge on nbc,msnbc,cnn,huffington on what the gop is & how it doesn't include minorities if you exclude fox news look at the christian science monitor.but as typical libs address the problem when you have a conservative person of color talk and see what happens to the open minded media & liberals from clearance thomas,hermain cain, alan west & others how they are vilified.the scary man in the room is the truth that most blacks are more conservative then there leaders & it is through the use of fear of loss that democrats use to keep them loyal. if you want to judge the information you are receiving look at who is advertising with them.


John Rich is a low bred country performer trying to act like a Republican elitist snob and coming pretty close! Obviously he missed the class on Political sarcasm! He better watch blasting Clay or he will be hit by an army of Claymates and truly won't know what hit him! Shame on u John Rich!


It IS a racist party. Werent they throwing peanuts at CNNs black camerawoman just yesterday. Thats not all. They are also sexist, homophobic and xenophobic. Just look at their policies. A hateful bunch I wouldnt vote for if you put one of the guns they love so much to my head.


What is racist about that? Clay wasn't denying anyone Constitutional rights or privilege


KUDOS to John Rich... he is on point! If any of you think Clay Aiken is truly referring to the media not showing many blacks at the convention versus the stereotype there are few black republicans... you need to put the drugs down! Yet, good try!


What Clay Aiken said was perhaps HARSH--for Republicans. The Republican Party is well-known for its lack of Inclusion with
regards to People Of Color, and Women, and Gays, and...Compassion. Racist? No, I don't think so. He was sarcastic as heck in making the point of Ethnic/Racial Exclusion and Tokenism within the Republican Party. What the man said is NOT OFF BASE, unfortunately. The Republican Party needs to WAKE UP & INCLUDE ALL PEOPLE into the party; or it will fail completely. This has been a BIG problem for waaaaayyy too many years, decades, and has got to stop NOW in 2012. Sad to say, it probably won't stop, this Excluding within the Republican Party, anytime soon. There's still too much of a white-is-right mentality among conservatives, among Republicans, which most don't seem to care about changing. It's your suicide, folks.

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