John Mayer Hair Affair: Long or Short?

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Singer-songwriter John Mayer has been growing his hair out for the past couple of years, but he finally cut it loose this weekend ... LITERALLY.

The 34-year-old star was seen at a party for The Mindy Project showing off his new look, one that should go over well with his legions of fans.

With Katy Perry and John Mayer breaking up recently following a brief but sleepover-filled relationship, maybe he was in the mood for change.

Vote and tell us whether you think it was a good one below:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

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he forgot his dentures to put back in his mouth after the blowjob he gave to russell brand, folks!!


short looks bettr on him
for sure
he looks about 80 years old with long hair


Dude seriously needs a haircut.


I admire John Mayers musical abilities. However, even when he tries to be humble he still comes off as arrogant. Poor guy. Oh! To the hair.... His "pre-mid life crisis hair" is working appropriately for him.


This guy has one hit and he thinks he is John Lennon.


He looks like a bum with long hair. So trashy.


Good for you, John! What an improvement. Johnny Depp please take note.