Joe Giudice: Caught Cheating on Wife?

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On the August 19 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice is either caught cheating on his wife or just being a total A-Hole.

Then again, why can't it be both?

According to In Touch, which has reportedly viewed scenes from the installment, Joe receives a phone call during a surprise birthday party for Caroline Manzo. He says it's related to "work" and gets up from the table.

Joe Guidice and Teresa Guidice

From there, the camera captures a frustrated/suspicious Teresa approaching her man and Joe responding by lowering his voice and telling the person on other end of the call:

“Here comes my bitch wife. She’s such a c-nt. I’m gonna hang up … I’ll talk to you, like, whenever.”

Evidence of infidelity? Or just hating on Teresa? Or just a nicely scripted few moments by producers?

No matter the answer, Joe Giudice has been anything but a saint in his marriage. He's been indicted on charges of fraud and he once frequented a strip club.


Theresa,is crazy and she needs attention thats why she hurts everyone! Her husbands dont even like her and thats the sad,but the whole thing is messed up and they all need help


Teresa is a mean girl because she is miserable. It is obvious that Joe does not like his wife. She knew that he was on the phone with another woman. That's why she wanted to have sex in the vineyard. She was hoping that she could make Joe still want her. She is mean to Kathy who is genuinely one of the nicest people on tv. She is a bully and she needs to get help. I hope that the housewives get rid of her. I love the other ladies. Teresa needs to dump Joe, get some good therapy, and raise her girls away from the cameras.


If Joe is having an affair I hope we get to see her> wonder if she is way out there with her hair, makeup and clothes like Theresa. The show is so boring now, I feel that if Theresa leaves it will come to a dead stop, it's knocking on death's door now. I don't see it lasting to much longer. And Theresa's cousin, I can't remember her name she's like adding a critically ill person to this dying show. You know the one with the bug boring, what does she add, not anything. Carolyn too is boring with her holier then thou attitude. She thinks she's so classy, so why is she in the show?


Even if the producer's script that its still sick. Who would portray themselves that way, or allow themselves to be portrayed that way for money. No pride and no concern for their children's future. Money can't buy everything. Sad...


You don't frequent something once. Frequent implies frequently. Get it? Anyway, this guy is a dbag and she is an idiot. They're perfect together. Absolutely classless.


Remember a couple of episodes back when he claimed to have left his wallet in a "friends" car? His wife asked him several times which friend and he wouldn't answer her. Doesn't look good for the little meatball.


Joe has gotten nastier as the seasons have gone by and his apparent drinking problem has gotten more out of hand. He's verbally abusive to Teresa and the girls - a total scum bag. I understand why she stayed with him before, but she's the breadwinner now and can dump his nasty a*s. She should do it for her girls' sake so they don't grow up and marry a creep like their dad.


@Tammy03-I agree with wht u wrote 100%! I read Joe turned down that plea deal which was5 yrs. Looks like hes def goin down the road or on a vacation or whatever that batty Teresa wants 2 call it. I didnt know obtaining a fradulent ID could get some1 that long of a prison sentence tho. Im sure Joe has done tons of stuff illegal so maybe its Karma & hes getting payback...He should realize that all that negative energy hes putting out will come right back to him & it def has! Im sure this isnt the 1st time hes cheated either. Idk who would want a fat juicehead like him...If he knew how to train,he would realize he has 2lose the fat in his gut b4 he builds 6pack because if ya dont..U get exactly what hes got...a big ole protruding belly! Ahhh, hes a waste of space! Im sure the only reason these women are hooking up with him is so they can get their 15mins of fame. Yuck! I wouldnt go anywhere near his nasty self...Hes attitude is as ugly as him! Have fun in prison, Joe! U reap what u sow!

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