Joan Rivers Wants to Slap "Idiot" Rihanna

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Despite the candor, honesty and genuine emotion she showed, some of Rihanna's recent confessions to Oprah did not go over well with people.

Joan Rivers pointedly criticized her interview Sunday on Oprah's Next Chapter, in which she wept talking about how she still loves Chris Brown.

Rivers weighed in on this surprising revelation as only she can ... and Rihanna wasted little time firing back at the outspoken TV personality:

Rih vs. Joan

Rihanna also told Joan to "slap on some diapers." Nice.

Mind you, in the interview, the singer alluded to the fact that Chris is in a relationship with Karrueche Tran, and said they are NOT back together.

Rihanna's comments were more about wanting to help Chris with his obvious problems and the pain of losing someone she called her best friend.

Is there something more between them? Will there be?

Chris' mom Joyce Hawkins might think so, but we're skeptical. Not that it's any of her business regardless, but if they're not even dating again, why is Joan so pissed?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.


She is going to do what she wants regardless of what other people think or say. If something does happen again, it will be on her. So let everyone say what they want. Its her decision ... even if it is a stupid one.


He didn't learn his lesson. When his probation was over. he did an interview on GMA. He didn't like the interview (bringing up Rhianna) so he smashed a chair through a window in his dressing room. He is still out of control and I wouldn't trust him with a ten foot pole!!!
Poor little rich girl Rhianna!


Joan might have forgotten that Chris Brown was Rihianna's first love, and that runs deeper because this girl never loved anyone else in life and she misses that. people please understand Rihianna, she is not crazy but she is normal girl who appreciated what she had and can never find anyone like Chris. I have been there nad done that. please Chris prove to the world that you are not the way people think of you but a hot lovinggggg guy.
Get back together.


Joan....those lips don't can't fix the sh*t that comes out of it....As for those ass wipes cheering ignorance on... well with Gay marriage on the horizon.... keep on splitting heterosexuals.


If the writer of this article needs to ask why Joan is still pissed, then it's them who needs a slapping..of intelligence.


I'm on Joan Rivers's side on this one. I think that Joan definitely speaks the truth here. Rihanna is like a fucking train-wreck when it comes to Chris Brown. And, Chris himself ain't that attractive-looking. Most of all, Chris is nothing but an arrogant and abusive T-H-U-G!!!!! And, Chris's mom needs to stay out of it and mind her own business.


Joan Rivers is an idiot. Domestic violence isn't a joking matter. Period. She obviously doesn't understand the complexities involved or she wouldn't have made such an ignorant comment.


its okay to not like joan rivers, it's okay not to like rihanna... they are both equally unappealing =)


If anybody agree with Joan, are the bigger asshole than she is. Wait, why would she even make that comment to Rihanna like that? I will give Ms Oprah more respect than that clam face old bat nut of a fruit cake. Who do Joan think she is? Queen of plastic surgery! Why can't people get off of Chris and Rihanna nuts? Go mess with Charlie Sheen!


Tell it like it is sister! Gross. Move on! Be a role model already.

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