Joan Rivers Protests at Costco, Compares Chain to "Nazi Germany"

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Joan Rivers stopped by a Costco in Burbank, California yesterday. To purchase a six-gallon tub of ketchup and 300 toilet paper rolls? Not exactly.

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    why does every comment on this site seem to have some racist garbage or something about obama - you're all actual weirdos.


    Joan is a Jew and she should know better than to throw the Nazi word around lightly for some publicity. Shame on her.


    Is she that desperate for money and publicity she's going to boo hoo over Costco???? Upgrade to a Barnes n Noble. Sheesh.


    Joan Rivers gives all the good Jews a bad name. Fuck that hag.


    Bite me, Ken Boy! I see the trend of attacking small businesses by celebs and special interest groups developing because Obama and his Admin. have set the tone. Small businesses create jobs. Leave 'em alone! Instead, all this crazy attacking is going on. Like Joan "I've Faced More Knives Than a Bennihana Chef" Rivers has no other outlets for her book sales???? Oh, please! Obama coming out recently and saying that small business people are not responsible for their success? He's set the standard that business is the devil. Spoken like a true Socialist! If I want that...I'll move to Cuba, Venezuela, etc.


    Eyes Like Lightning, brain like THUMP.

    Just what in the hell has this got to do with Obama?


    Shes gross. And how much money does the jew need?


    So let me get this straight. As a ratty campaign tactic, the Obama camp has celebs as well as special interest groups attacking small businesses. Ha! Just another page from Barack Baby's Socialist Manifesto Guide. Jesus! Leave business folks ALONE! If you don't like their politics..then don't patronize their business and be done with it. I refuse to buy Ben and Jerry ice cream because of their liberal stances. There's enough ice cream brands out there that I'll not have to sacrifice an occasional indulgence in the cold stuff anyway! I'm not outwardly picketing Ben and Jerry though I disagree...I simply don't buy their product and then get on with my life!!


    Yeah, well - go buy it online. When my late uncle owned a farm machinery dealership he had the right to sell whatever he wanted to who ever he wanted. Ever wonder why your brother got a better deal on a car than you? Maybe the dealer didn't like you and choose to cut you a harder deal.... Like that never happens...

    Time for the old Jew to go home and watch a PBS documentary on NAZI Germany and have a cup of Shut The Fuck Up.

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