Jessica Sanchez Confirms Record Deal, Debuts New Single

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That American Idol thing worked out pretty well for Jessica Sanchez, huh?

The talented singer got a boyfriend out of it, fellow Season 10 contestant DeAndre Brackensick, and also confirmed a record deal this week, telling the crowd at the iHeartRadio American Idol tour stop in New York City Wednesday night that she is signed to Interscope Records.

Sanchez also debuted the track "Fairytale." Give it a listen now:

Joshua Ledet was also on hand and third-place finisher impressed the crowd with his own new single. It's titled "Broken Man" and you can judge it below.

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When is jessica sanchez new album going to be in walmart?


Can't wait for her album.....I love this girl!!!


oh my gosh!cnt wait 4 her album 2 cm out.dis gal z amazing!


Go Jessica, show the world your worth. I'm here to support you and keep grounded.


I agree Pink....I think this young lady is going to be around for a long long time. I wish her nothing but the best!! Such an extreme talent!!


The teeny poppers will love Jessica song, for that is where she need to break through. We all know what Jessica can do vocally, but the market today is POP with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift taking it to a new level. So, Jessica need to do what she has to do, for if you don't watch Idol, anybody knows who Jessica Sanchez is. The song is catchy and a good dance beat, radio friendly, and I'm eager to hear the R&B and Urban that is on her album too. I remember Christina Aguilera with a big voice, doing (Jeannie in a bottle) just to break through, and it worked. So, let's give Jessica the chance to break through too. Good luck to everybody career and great songs to all!

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