Jersey Shore Canceled By MTV; Season 6 Swan Song Begins October 4

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The days of GTL, fist pumping and beating up the beat are nearing their end on MTV as Jersey Shore's upcoming sixth season will officially be the last.

Since its December 2009 debut, the show has been a huge hit and its cast members have become bona fide celebrities, but ratings have dipped of late.

Also, with Snooki giving birth and The Situation sober following a trip to rehab, the gang may be - dare we say it with a straight face - growing up.

Jersey Shore Season 5 Cast

The network's plan is to launch a marketing storm touting Jersey Shore's final season as the guidos' final blowout before riding off into the sunset.

MTV will air a Jersey Shore marathon, as well as a one-hour retrospective special titled "Gym, Tan, Look Back" on September 6 before the VMAs.

The cast will also be part of the VMA's preshow to talk about the final season, which should certainly be an interesting one due to Snooki's pregnancy.

Rest assured, cameras were there to capture the birth of Lorenzo Dominic LaValle last week. Break out the Ron-Ron juice for that episode, people.

Jersey Shore Season 6 premieres Thursday, October 4.

Will you watch Jersey Shore's last season?

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I’m so glad to hear that the Jersey trend is finally dying down. Of course, there are still some juiceheads out there that will miss the weekly trips to Karma. My roommates did not take the news well that the show is on its last season, and already plan to devote Thursdays to watching each new episode. Some people have no taste in TV! At least I won’t have to join them now that we upgraded to the Hopper DVR, which has three independent tuners, so they can follow the whole season without affecting what I’m watching. Otherwise, I would’ve had to hide out in my office at Dish every Thursday night! I wonder what the next craze will be once the GTL days are over.


you people actually still watch this sh#t?


best news Ive heard all year Now- get rid of the Kardashians


That's so stupid! Just because snookie had her baby doesn't mean cancel the show. And mike has had that problem for a while. Keep the going dangit! -____-


THERES NO WAYYYYYYYY it shouldn't be cancelled SNOOKI desserves to take care of her child but doesnt mean she has to be off the show forever.. So they should keep going on with it wether she's in it or not I love her but she's not the only character there -.-


Thank God its getting off the air. I don't know what is so fun about watching a bunch of adults (wanna-be kids) get drunk and f*cking anything they can get their hands on. Grow up guys, the kicker is Snookie having a baby, yeah good luck with that.


I can not wait for Jersey Shore to come on!!! Pauly D all the way


I for one will miss it. I love that show an everyone of the crew members except mike. He should of left jus like angelina did. Then mayb the show would have been wayy better. But we still got snookie & jwoww which is just as good if not better.


BIG WOOop-WOOoop--
for this stinkin' show to end
Stinkin' - careers end too-