Jeremy Renner Refers to Kardashians as "Ridiculous, Stupid People"

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Jeremy Renner is the latest true star to go off on Kim Kardashian and her family.

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    I accidentally ran into Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.
    You can find it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

    Jeremy Renner Refers to Kardashians as "Ridiculous, Stupid People"
    Hh yeah baby! It made my day!


    Lol people can hate en hate at the end of the day they have more cash than you,so rather look at your lifes more than the kardashians.check yourself before judging other people.


    Why don't he mind his own business,firstly h doesn't knw da kardashians so why judge knw 1 is allowed 2 judge someone els rather than da lord.haters wil always b haters.concerntrate on ur self thn the other people.some people are pathetic lol.


    "Must drive these celebrities nuts Kim makes more then they do in a weekend."

    Seriously? You're dense. It's already been reported Kim's entire earnings last year were $5 Million. You think that's all an Oscar nominee is making in a year? That's probably what he gets paid just to read a movie script. Be realistic. These celebrities are just that REAL CELEBRITIES. Not vapid morons propelled to this popularity for spreading their legs on video.


    I support Jeremy Renner! I love this guy, team Renner


    I love Jeremy Renner


    While I applaud his comments -- why on earth were these trash bags even brought into the interview? He's a talented, Hollywood actor. They're talentless fame whores. There's no logical reason to bring them up. The media has to stop making these people relevant!!!


    I second to kat, these so called reality families need to be kicked off the screen. They r nothing but faked, shallow, greedy ppls with no self respect.


    Talent free people for idiotic viewers.


    Love him

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