Jenny McCarthy and Brian Urlacher Break Up

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Jenny McCarthy and Brian Urlacher have broken up.

The Playboy model and Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher kept a low profile during their relationship, but she confirmed the split herself today.

"Brian and I have decided to turn our romance into an amazing friendship," she said. "I will continue to be the biggest cheerleader for him. Go, Bears!"

Jenny McCarthy Playboy Pic
Brian Urlacher Photo

McCarthy, 39, played coy when reporters questioned her about her relationship in April, around the time romance rumors with Urlacher, 34, first began.

She said simply, "I'm giddy about someone."

The following month, she acknowledged, "I can confirm that yes, it's true, we are dating," but would only continue with, "Go, Bears – that's all I'll say."

Here's wishing both the best in their future professional and romantic endeavors. Couple of good catches back on the market at least.

Well, unless you're a Packer fan. Even so, the much-hyped July-August Jenny McCarthy Playboy photos speak for themselves, right cheeseheads?

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this woman cant Keep a man for nothing


Wrong pic guys....that is NHRA Top fuel driver Tony Schumacher...


sO wHaT wHo CaReS


Thats not Brian, LOL....


Wow, I honestly assumed this assumed this romance wasn't going to end anytime soon since they seemed so into each other from what she said on Live With Kelly not long ago. In fact they just showed a repeat of that very episode and it seemed like she was crazy about him. Oh well, maybe they're better off as friends.Best of luck to both of them. Go Bears :) keep smiling Jenny :) you're awesome


That is not Brian Urlacher THG!!!! I think you guys showed the same pic when you first talked about them getting together.


That is definitely not Brian Urlacher in that pic! That guy is a total used car salesman not a pro football player.


With the way that woman goes through men ... It would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Poor child will grow up and stil be asking if The Mask Jim Carey is his daddy . Which he is not btw . it's some other dude . Time to close up shop Jenny and be a mommy . Stop be "cute".


That is not Brian Urlacher in that picture!


My sentiments exactly, Dorothy!