Jennifer Lopez Talks Life, Love, Children, God

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Jennifer Lopez has been through three marriages and is dealing with a scandal in her latest relationship, as rumors swirl over Casper Smart's sexuality and/or infidelity.

But you won't find the former American Idol judge feeling sorry for herself.

In the latest issue of InStyle, Lopez labels herself a survivor and credits her faith for helping her through any tough times.

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“I live by the mantra that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle," she tells the magazine. "It’s not until something bad or difficult happens that you really get to grow. And then you realize that those difficult moments, the times when you feel pain, are when you do a lot of your growing. You realize: There’s no reason to be terrified of things. Either way I’m going to be OK.”

Among other topics J. Lo touches on:

What is the secret to success? "Finding balance ... You have to know what makes you happy – so your life is what you always dreamed it could be."

What does she look for in the opposite sex? "The most important quality the man in my life should have is that he is sweet. I like the good guys."

How does she view love? "The hard part is that you never stop believing in love. You never stop. But that’s also the best part. You never stop believing, and you never, ever give up.”

What is life like as a parent? "I feel the pressures of wanting to be a great parent and of wanting to do right by my children. I feel the pressure of knowing you can’t be perfect even though you want to be. One thing I’ve learned: Being a mom, or a dad, is the most important job there is. It doesn’t matter who you are. You have to embrace it for everything that it is.”


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