Jennifer Lopez: Irritated with Casper Smart?

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They may be a unified front when it comes to malicious claims made against Casper Smart, but a new report suggests that Jennifer Lopez is growing apart from her 25-year old boyfriend.

Or wanting to, at least.

On the heels of accusations that Smart is either gay or a big fan of exotic massage parlors, insiders tell People that the former American Idol judge thinks things have moved too quickly between the couple.

J. Lo and Casper

"She's getting frustrated with him," an insider said of J. Lo, adding that the singer is increasingly "short-tempered when she's around him."

Still, on a professional basis, Lopez and Smart may be stuck together. He is choreographing her summer tour and starring in a reality show later this year that revolves around their working relationship.

Moreover, adds the source: "Jennifer is the kind of girl who doesn't like to be alone. Until she finds a replacement, I think, he's around."

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Look I'm sorry if this offends anyone but its the truth so here it goes, she's old, plain and simple no matter how much make-up, tanning, surgeries, or anything it still won't take away the aging of the body or number. It was just bout that time he wanted someone younger, someone his own age..I mean can u really blame him????


He is gay.... He goes to gay dirty shops


He looks like a
coniving troublemaker.

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