Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Wedding of the CENTURY Ahead!

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The engagement of Jennifer Aniston of Justin Theroux has celebrity news tabloids in a frenzy. A real Aniston story and an exciting one to boot!

Justin Theroux certainly knows the way to his lady's heart!

Just five days after Justin proposed on his 41st birthday, Life & Style allegedly has the EXCLUSIVE details about the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Wedding

Actually, they don't, since none of those details are actually available yet, but hey. Why let that stand in the way of an epic magazine cover.

The cover story does discuss Jen's ring: "It's a huge emerald-cut diamond," and a "rectangle with tapered diamond baguettes on the sides."

The source, an alleged Jen pal, says it's 8 carats and "It's beautiful."

We're sure it is. Tabloid speculation aside, it is beautiful that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged. She's been through a lot!

Speaking of which, L&S claims "rival bride" Angelina Jolie WILL steal Jen's thunder. You can take that quote to the Boulder of Salt bank!

Where, when, why and how Ange will do so remains to be seen, but should offer tabloids months, if not years of gossip fodder. Hallelujah.


It is so sad that there are this many hateful people in this world
It is becasue they are so jealous. I wish you all the best of luck you will need it


I love you jen you deserve the best have a very very happy life togther


...Divorce of the Century coming next. Wait, that's the Kardashian divorce. But seriously, Aniston has that annoying way about her that can't keep her in a long-term, successful relationship. Like J-Lo.


And in a year it'll be the divorce of the century, (for that month)


so happy when people get engaged! how fun and exciting!


People with negative comments about this woman need to shut up. I am so very happy for you Jennifer and Justin; you will be blessed with a beautiful wedding day. :)


In my opinion it is Jenn and Justin who are trying to steal the thunder. Angelina and Brad got engaged earlier this year, they have been together way long time. Meanwhile Jennifer has been through many costar boyfriends, like how long have her and this guy even been together?


What has she been through exactly??? Her fans act like she has gone through cancer or war. She got a divorce like millions of other people, yet she gets sympathy 8 years later. She is an embarrassment. Millions in the bank yet people feel sorry for her & her chin. Also, wedding of the century? What a joke. Most people have no clue who her Eddie Muster BF is.

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