Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Wedding of the CENTURY Ahead!

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The engagement of Jennifer Aniston of Justin Theroux has celebrity news tabloids in a frenzy. A real Aniston story and an exciting one to boot!

Justin Theroux certainly knows the way to his lady's heart!

Just five days after Justin proposed on his 41st birthday, Life & Style allegedly has the EXCLUSIVE details about the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Wedding

Actually, they don't, since none of those details are actually available yet, but hey. Why let that stand in the way of an epic magazine cover.

The cover story does discuss Jen's ring: "It's a huge emerald-cut diamond," and a "rectangle with tapered diamond baguettes on the sides."

The source, an alleged Jen pal, says it's 8 carats and "It's beautiful."

We're sure it is. Tabloid speculation aside, it is beautiful that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged. She's been through a lot!

Speaking of which, L&S claims "rival bride" Angelina Jolie WILL steal Jen's thunder. You can take that quote to the Boulder of Salt bank!

Where, when, why and how Ange will do so remains to be seen, but should offer tabloids months, if not years of gossip fodder. Hallelujah.


This is divine justice. The starlove software gives their relationship a 9.8/10 rating. This is sooooo great.


Coz angelina is engage to brad d bitch is jealous i dnt tink justin will eva marry her she is a spiteful woman


Owww, How cute


I hope we'll get to see pictures of the wedding. I'm sure Jen will look absolutely beautiful and no offense to brangelina fans, but I could care less about A and Brad. They've already built their life together and it's beautiful but I have no interest in seeing her skeletal frame in a wedding gown lol. I read somewhere that Brad congratulated her and that's lovely but Angelina should stop being so spiteful and let Jen have her moment.


Only mean and jealous ppl are jealous of Aniston. . .:). . . Their own love life is fucked with the husband and wife living together but fucking others and claiming to the world that their marriage life sucks. . .such ppl hate others getting love and care!!! They cant see the sight of ppl in love . . .because it reminds them that they will never have that in their lives. . .and their jealous heart twists each time somone falls in love. . .


Wanna see the ring!!!! Anybody seen pic of it???


Who cares what brad and jolie does ???? They have kids together and been couples for ages. . .how is that romantic??? And how is that going to give fodder to gossip , other than what designer she wore and what cake ??? other than that it will be the most boring marriage of the century!!! Aniston on them other hand has a new guy . ..there's heat. ...confusion. . Will they ..wont they??? Suspense. . .even I m catching myself wanting to read every titbits news about them. . .I started to love justin the day he stepped up for jennifer. . .and I am waiting for him to come to any of them talk shows to hear his side of the story or even jen to share. . .


I am so happy for Jen, she deserves the best! By those who don't know Theroux it's because they don't know much or really don't keep themselves updated. Good catch and best wishes to Jen! (:
Ps. Angelina has nothing on Jen! They are two different individuals.


Wish them lasting happiness. I dot understand why THG likes 2 compare angie and jen. Are they not 2 different women? People got in relationships than dump each other, get married and divorce. Its has been seven years that angie and brad hav been 2getha with their 6 children. When wil ths thing end? Let them live their separate lifes.


Wedding of the Century? You have to be kidding! Hardly anyone has ever heard of Justin Theroux and she is an average actress that has only been in ONE decent movie and that was 'The Good Girl' about eight yrs ago.

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