Jenelle Evans RIPS Snooki Over Fake Parenting Quote

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Jenelle Evans RIPPED Snooki this week for being a bad mother ... before she's even become a mother and because of a quote Snooki probably didn't say.

Not known for her fact-checking or calm demeanor, this one.

Evans Tweeted out of nowhere: "omg, no offense... but u call ME a bad mother... but look what @snooki said about her baby... thats straight F--KED UP."

What did Snooki supposedly say about her unborn baby?

Snooky Photo

Jenelle Evans linked to a Reddit photo of Snooki with the quote, "There is no way I'm changing any diapers when my baby is born. That is disgusting."

"That's what maids are for and babysitters. I don't have time for that. I'll have them do that stuff. I'll be there for the good parts, like dressing my son up, making sure he got style. You don't have to cook or clean or change diapers to be a good mother."

"My son will have everything he wants. He's going to be a little star like his mommy."

That's a pretty terrible quote ... but there's no evidence Snooki ever said it. She's mused about her fetus cheering on her orgasms, yes, but nothing like this.

Also, when was the last time Jenelle even SAW Jace? Just asking.

Later, Evans tweeted again, saying, "hahahahaha what did @snooki say back to me? she blocked me from twitter... figures. cant take criticism like i can."

Right Jenelle. We're sure that's it. Hours later, Snook wrote: "FYI, I can't wait to change sh---y diapers & I don't even believe in maids. Just sayin."

True enough ... have you seen the squalor Snooki lives in?!


Jenelle, who are u to say anything! You would rather get high & party all of the time! At least snooki quit all the partying and her son's not even born yet! She's already a better mother than you could ever be, that's why your moms got Jace! Your just jelous that snooki is everything you wanted to be! Time to get over yourself!


okay..first who cares about she said he said shit...everyone talks shit... If it want Janelle I'm pretty sure someone else said it but they're not celebrities so we pay no mind to them...i love snookie but i can careless about a girl who got her so called fame from getting pregnant as a teenager said about her...snookie is going to keep on doing what she needs to do for her child regardless of what anyone says and that's all that matters..people need to grow up already..smh


This is for Jenelle: You don't have the right to comment on what Snooki said or did not say. You left your son in your mothers care for her to take of him and then you were so disrespectful to her. She was doing your stupid ass a favor because she wants the best for her grandson. She works and took on your responsibility. All your ass wanted to do was get high and hang out with your friends and your boyfrie


Why even answer. this is a skank that had a baby before she was even off her moms tit and still on meds. This chicks lower than the ground snooki spits on. And she actually answered. At least Snooki was banking when she was being loose and drinking like a frat boy. This young porn star in training is still as loose as ozone layer and as dumb as someone who thinks "chicken of the sea is made by chicken" who F*****g cares.


Seriously Jenelle Evans (OF ALL PEOPLE!!!) Is the LAST person in the free world to comment on anything someone "might" have said! She was so DEVASTATED THAT SHE HAD TO STOP SMOKING MARIJUANA TO STAY OUT OF JAIL!!!! Hello you dumbass you have a son! And smoking weed with your loser boyfriend is more important?! Atleast Snooki wants to be around her baby! This fool would rather get high then spend time with HER son...That HER MOM IS RAISING!!! Look at yourself before you wana throw stones at other people! OMG I CANT STAND THAT LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If this is true. Who is she to say anything? From what I've read it seems like she's not exactly mother of the year. Take a look at your own parenting skills or lack there of before you judge anyone. Word of advice, grow up and act like a parent not like a promiscuous trashy mouthed twit.


Who is she to judge? She never even took care of her son hell she's not even raising him! She's too busy trying to figure out which STD she'd like to have that week! At least Snookie is excited about being a mom and I seriously doubt she even said that. Janelle needs a life or a real nice a$$ beating from someone like I dunno lets say JWOW!I do believe Snooks is gonna be a great mom! Hey Janelle FK Off ya trashy Whore!


*she would much rather spend the time sleeping with whomever is the pick of the day and partying it up like the "bad ass" she likes to pretend to be. She needs to be sent to the military so they can teach her a lesson about life. That, or fall off the face of the planet so she cannot make money from being a nut-job. Either or. :) Just sayin'.


How could Janelle possibly call anyone a bad mother? Snooki hasn't even had her son yet so its impossible to say whether she's a bad mother or not. Even is she doesn't change her sons diapers, at least she'll be there for her kid, Janelle doesn't even take care of Jace. Putting Snooki down doesn't make her look better.


janelle evans comes off as white trash who doesn't even take care of her son and it's hard to take anything she says seriously.

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