Jenelle Evans Nude Pics: Leaked By James Duffy?

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A new naked photo scandal involving Jenelle Evans has surfaced, and her sometime friend James Duffy is the man some speculate is responsible.

You know, the guy behind her arrests for cyber-stalking ... and harassment.

If you recall (we're sort of jealous of you if you don't), Jenelle Evans nude pics leaked this spring showing her before and after plastic surgery.

Now, an unidentified person close to Jenelle has published more photos of her fully nude taken before the Teen Mom 2 star got fake boobs.

Jenelle Evans Twitpic

Who took them, who leaked them and why? All unclear.

"Leave me the f**k alone, PLEASE. I hope u die. I'm so upset," Jenelle Evans tweeted when she realized what had happened over the weekend.

It is very possible she is referring to Duffy, her former friend. Not a bad guess as he's threatened to tweet damaging pics of Jenelle in the past.

In typical fashion, Jenelle egged him on, proclaiming that he was all talk, no action ... something she probably regrets if Duffy is indeed the culprit.

Jenelle Twitter

Jenelle, obviously, has SERIOUS issues; her relationships with boyfriends (Kieffer Delp, Gary Head) and family are tumultuous to say the least.

"MY OWN BLOOD FAMILY I can't even trust!" the wreck wrote earlier in the week, possibly implying that her sister Ashleigh Evans may be involved.

Who knows with Jenelle whether she's telling the truth, or what she's even talking about half the time, but the girl always keeps things interesting.


Atleast the puss looks tight. I hate the roast beef curtains!


why did she have a baby she dont have him ihave 4 kids i have all my kids with me but if some one dont know how to care for a baby then dont have one then


She might have been Lindsay Lohan's bff in their past life.


I personally think Janelle is a beautiful girl. She should stop all of this madness. If she didn't want people to see these "leaked" photos of her, she shouldn't of let someone, or herself take them in the first place. As for her as a mother, she is a pretty poor excuse, BUT people deserve to have chances, especially when it comes to their children. At least she never beat her kid or anything like that. She's just a troubled teen, craving attention. Whether that attention be negative, or positive. It doesn't matter to her, as long as she's getting it. LIKE MOST TEENAGERS OUT THERE. So don't be so quick to judge her, people mess up occasionally. And she has definitely done a lot of "messing up". People should leave her alone and let her live her life. Would any of you guys want people constantly in your life, trying to bring you down? I don't think so.


You cant just pick and choose when you want to be a mother. I really hope babs keeps jace away from that junkie. As a mom of a 3 year old I dont understand how someone could just walk away from their child then complain because they dont see them enough. Going to jail would probably be the best thing for this troubled young girl, and it would keep her from destorying Jace's life the same way she has fucked over her own...


She truly is disgusting. I think she Egged Duffy on so he would release the pictures. She KNEW he had them. She posed nude on a park bench for him. She has to love all the drama. Attention (good or bad) is still attention. I only follow her on twitter because she is one of those train wrecks you just can’t look away from. I also saw on her website how she believes she should get custody of Jace, such a big mistake. She can barely keep up with her clothes much less a child. She is no more a big sister/babysitter to that poor child. Makes me sick!


honeybadger is correct... she is not easy on the eyes and she sounds like a hillbilly... I only wanted to read the comments... not the story haha


I can't help but to wonder why in the world she lets people take these pictures of her if she doesn't want them leaked. It's not that hard to figure out of you don't want people to see it, don't take them!


I read on radar that she is trying to get custody of her son back. She gives a list of "reasons" why she should get him back. I LITERALLY laughed out loud as I read the reasons! She is a nut, and it will hopefully be a LONG time before she is allowed access to that little boy.


It sucks someone posted nude pics of her online, but if she'd stop having people take naked pics of her, this wouldn't happen! Jenelle, PLEASE keep your clothes on. You have a child and he does not need to see naked pics of his mom on the internet when he is older!

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