Jenelle Evans: Nude on Twitter With Kieffer Delp!

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Jenelle Evans, possibly the craziest MTV reality star of all time - not a small feat mind you - has certainly proven adept at dropping her pants.

Dropping Kieffer Delp, conversely, is something she hasn't mastered.

Once again, she is back with the deadbeat who's gotten physical with her more than once and supposedly leaked Jenelle Evans nude photos after she dumped him.

All water under the naked bridge now, though, apparently. They're totally gonna last this time. Speaking of naked pics, here's one Kieffer recently Tweeted!

Jenelle Evans Nude Photo
Jenelle Evans Tattoo

As unappealing as it is to see Kieffer clutching Jenelle's bare behind, it's good to see the violent, restraining order days are behind them ... for now.

Speaking of violence and restraining orders, Jenelle Evans is in the process of getting one against ex-fiance Gary Head, who she split with in July.

Kieffer allegedly spiraled into a rage upon seeing Gary (who Jenelle accuses of assault), chasing him around the parking lot at Jenelle's court date Monday.

A day in the life of Jenelle Evans. Poor Jace.


Poor child she has is going to have to wear a
bag on his head, change his name and move to who knows where when he gets older just to get away from his retarded mother. Hope she never gets custody of him. The to get back together with that mental midget Kieffer, wtf? Is there any way the judge that Amber had could relocate?


This same type of lifestyle can be said for many young white girls and the ending for those will be the same as where this girls life takes her. She is ruined at what age?




This crazy girl...she will NEVER get her priorities straight. If she is back with Kieffer, you know she is smoking pot again and will get arrested again. Hopefully next time, she'll get jail time and will get a nice a$$ whooping...she clearly needs it. She should also be required to take parenting classes...and her mom should too!


Seriously!? I was a teen mom and not once did I ever act like any of these little girls. I would never want to set this kind of example for my son and daughter,and now that I'm older and married to my childrens father, I'm glad I kept my ass on track! TRASH...PURE T.R.A.S.H.!!!!!!!!



Kellie m

She is such a whore. She flip flops between guys every other day and then bitches about other girls hooking up with the guys she dumps. She needs to just go away...and take the KarTRASHians with her. These people are just garbage!!! Hey Jenelle...where's your kid??? I bet he would be so proud to see nude pics of his mom online for all the world to see. Idiot!!


I am not suprised as trashy as she is! She cares more for tht dumba$$ than here own kid so am I shocked she possed for those? Nope and everyone calling Amber a bad mom? I think Janelle takes the number one spot! Js......

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