Jenelle Evans: Nude on Twitter With Kieffer Delp!

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Jenelle Evans, possibly the craziest MTV reality star of all time - not a small feat mind you - has certainly proven adept at dropping her pants.

Dropping Kieffer Delp, conversely, is something she hasn't mastered.

Once again, she is back with the deadbeat who's gotten physical with her more than once and supposedly leaked Jenelle Evans nude photos after she dumped him.

All water under the naked bridge now, though, apparently. They're totally gonna last this time. Speaking of naked pics, here's one Kieffer recently Tweeted!

Jenelle Evans Nude Photo
Jenelle Evans Tattoo

As unappealing as it is to see Kieffer clutching Jenelle's bare behind, it's good to see the violent, restraining order days are behind them ... for now.

Speaking of violence and restraining orders, Jenelle Evans is in the process of getting one against ex-fiance Gary Head, who she split with in July.

Kieffer allegedly spiraled into a rage upon seeing Gary (who Jenelle accuses of assault), chasing him around the parking lot at Jenelle's court date Monday.

A day in the life of Jenelle Evans. Poor Jace.


Those tatoos may seem like a good idea NOW but like most of her decisions, she'll regret them in a few years.


It's because one picture is tooken in a bathroom infront of a mirror


Jenelle is her own worst enemy. Period. She's a train wreck waiting to happen and I see a very bad outcome for her. I don't know if she can be saved from herself.. I actually feel bad for her. I don't think her mom is a very affectionate or loving person and I think this girl has been lost for so long. She connects with people that are going to hurt her over and over again..I see a dim if not grim future for her.


@ Katie - its mirror image that why the tattoos go different ways. It's time for janelle to drop kieffer and grow up


has anybody paid attention that the tattoos in the picture are going two different ways? Not saying that Janelle is good by a long shot, i also like to hear about what dumb thing she has done when they come out. but how is it janelle when both pics are of her back but one is going to the left and the other is going to the right?


@MrsRios.....i totally agree. I had my daughter in my teens, and my son at 20, n also married to my children's father and even though im young, I know better than to do the shit they do. They still haven't grown up, n I feel for the children. They need to change the name from TEEN moms to CHILDISH or IMMATURE moms!


Oh boy! that's disgusting!!she's not even sexy


Doesn't anyone realise she needs help - not this horrible publicity.


she is trashy at the very least, I can't stand watching her but I like to hear about her shenanigans. shes entertainment for sure....white trash reality chicks rule!


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