Janna Ryan: Five Facts About Paul Ryan's Wife

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Janna Ryan, the wife of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, has quickly and predictably been thrust into the national spotlight since her husband, a Wisconsin Congressman, was announced as the Republican nominee for Vice President by Mitt Romney.

Here are a few things to know about the 43-year-old Janna:

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1. Janna Ryan is 43, and married Paul in 2000. She is stay-at-home mom raising three young children in Wisconsin, Elizabeth, Charles and Samuel (above).

2. Ryan, whose maiden name was Little, grew up in Madill, Oklahoma. Both of her parents spent their careers as successful lawyers in private practice.

A town in Oklahoma, Little City, is named after her family. Like her parents, Janna has a law degree, having graduated from George Washington in 1998.

3. Her family has strong political - and Democratic - connections; Her uncle, David Boren, served as a Democratic governor of Oklahoma and later as its U.S. senator.

Boren's son, Dan Boren, is Janna's cousin and a member of House of Representatives. A Blue Dog Democrat, he has often voted across party lines.

4. Before marrying Paul, Janna was a Washington operative herself, forging an early professional career as a congressional aide and healthcare lobbyist.

Friends describe her as being able to navigate between different worlds - from small-town Oklahoma, where she's from, to prestigious Wellesley College and to D.C., where she is well-versed in complex policy debates.

"She is very comfortable in and around politics. She grew up in a political family, and it comes very naturally to her," said Leslie Belcher, a Washington lobbyist who worked on Capitol Hill with Ryan and was later one of Ryan's bridesmaids.

5. Friends and Romney campaign officials say that while her exact role is unclear, she would undoubtedly be an asset to Romney-Ryan ticket.

"I think she is very relatable," said Missy Edwards, a lobbyist in D.C. who became friends with Ryan when they both worked on Capitol Hill.

"She's from a small town, (with) three young kids, smart, and focused on her family, first."

"They got married eyes wide open, knowing that they wanted to dedicate themselves to public service, and that meant that Janna wouldn't work, and Paul would dedicate himself" to working in Congress, said Jodi Bond, a vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who has been friends with the Ryans for decades.

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Romney and Ryan need to wake up...Us 47 percent are doing the work while the fat cats are reaping the reward..Anne, stop whining..If you think the campaign trail is tough, try living on the income of the 47 percent that your husband seems to have so much disdain for..Try watching your kids go to bed still hungry, try watching them at Christmas when they see that Santa has not come to their house..You need to get a clue..You are just a rich spoiled brat..Most people with money still have a heart..We 47 percenters may not have a lot of money, but we do have feelings..We do not like being called losers..

@ nanastan

I don't think all the 47% are losers. Some actually have chosen poverty knowing they don't have to work and can still survive. . . these are your aging progressive hippies (and some are younger). So some are losers. These are the ones who love the fact we are all being purposefully dragged down by the Cloward-Piven Strategy set forth in 1966 and executed by the liberals on purpose so they could get more power. . . more oppressed people means more power and votes for them since they try to assauge the poor with the idea that they are truly championing their rights. Guess what? They want to ruin your life so you will vote for them because you will not be the one to wake up to the truth.


Janna Ryan is not the pufter David Boren's Niece. She is Janna Little Boren's Niece. Her grandfather was the great state's right leader that ran for governor on the American ticket with George Wallace. Janna Little Boren was a wonderfull woman. It is true that Mrs Ryan is a cousin to Dan Boren who was a good Representive. .


Paul definitely has appeal to certain voters, however he is way too far to the right! Pawlenty would have gotten my vote.


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Romney/Ryan, the only chance to undo the destruction, Obama has caused, to The United States.


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@Diana that's pretty funny when the tea party's motto was NO COMPROMISE! If u think only dems are not reaching across the table u obviously don't really know what's going on in Congress.


Last night was fight night. A female posted on Facebook a pic of a SUV with a back windshield posting. It read 'Obama stumps the Constitution. Plz God help us.' That started talks of Marxist ways and over hundred comments.
I want Romney -Ryan to destroy this November but I'm not sure it's going to happen. This person had never heard Obama say "level the playing field ". CNN too much! All of you can continue to play this screwed up game or sway the fence sitters. Liberals will never be turned, bleeding hearts wanting to pay everyone's way. Stand up and fight.


@Brenda Rina: I'm way ahead of you....secure and confident. I noticed you failed to offer anything of real substance regarding your comments on any subject. What I said about the trolls is the truth! You're probably part of their gang anyway, so go figure!


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