Janet Jackson Releases Statement on Michael's Will, Slams Executors, "Relentless" Negative Publicity

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Janet Jackson's attorney has released a new statement reiterating the star's concern with the executors of her late brother Michael Jackson‘s will.

The statement makes clear that Janet, who is barred from mother Katherine Jackson's home, is not motivated by money with her criticisms.

The 46-year-old, whose net work is estimated at $150 million, alleges that the executors do not have his children's best interests at heart.

Janet Jackson Cleavage

Her lawyer, Blair Brown, released the following statement Friday:

“Since the loss of Michael Jackson, Janet, Randy, and Rebbie's principal concern has been and continues to be for the safety and well-being of Michael's children, their mother Katherine Jackson, and the entire family."

"Unfortunately, those people have been harmed by actions of the executors of Michael's estate, the estate's lawyer, and those installed and paid to do their bidding.”

"The effect of that notice [barring Janet, Randy and Rebbie from KJ's home] is not only is to damage fundamental family relationships, it is also to isolate Katherine Jackson from anyone questioning the validity of Michael's will."

"It is important to stress that Janet, Randy and Rebbie have all questioned the validity of the will with no financial motive whatsoever - they stand to gain nothing financially by a finding that the will is invalid."

"What will be gained by a finding of invalidity is that the executors will be replaced and the estate and the guardianship will be managed in a manner that is in the best interests of the children, which is what Michael wanted."

"The negative media campaign generated by the executors has been relentless. In recent weeks, the media received preposterous reports - all now proven to be false - of a purported kidnapping of Katherine Jackson and of physical and verbal abuse of a child."

"Janet, Randy and Rebbie will continue to press forward in their search for the truth in order to carry out the wishes of their brother Michael."

Brown is likely correct in that Michael's kids are his beneficiaries either way and that invalidating the will wouldn't do much for anyone else financially - Prince, Paris and Blanket ultimately get the money either way.

Yet it's hard to truly gauge the motives of Janet, Rebbie, Randy, Tito and Jermaine Jackson, who signed an earlier letter calling on the executors to resign.

That letter claimed Katherine had a stroke and was stressed out by the executors' actions... almost implying the executors are trying to kill Katherine.

The executors responded saying they were "saddened" by the "false and defamatory" accusations grounded in "stale Internet conspiracy theories."

Jermaine Jackson rescinded his signature from the letter earlier this week, saying his young son was heartbroken over the ban on visits to KJ's house.

Tito, whose son TJ became the kids' temporary guardian after Katherine temporarily lost custody while in Arizona, also took his name off the letter.

A judge reinstated Katherine Jackson as co-guardian with TJ.

For the time being, it looks like Janet, Rebbie and Randy Jackson are pressing on and will not be extending the same olive branch as Jermaine.


in my opinion these kids are innocent they were used by mj for making his father figure which saved him in 2005 trail


OMG, what is wrong with Janet's eyes and breasts? Looks like she has Botox paralysis in her right eye and the implant in her right breast looks like it is riding up higher than the left. She had better forget about trying to screw the kids out of The King of Pop's $$$ and get over to the cosmetic surgeon real fast. Maybe all that greed is distorting her mind and body.


Who made the letter public? Execs. What happened then? Falsity & lies in the media. There'll be more for more distraction(s). The truth's there-follow the 10+ yr money trail & it gets real clear. The power we give media-believing mindlessly-is disturbing. Thank you Janet, Randy & Rebbie for fighting for your Mom, Mike & his kids.


The will is an old one; Branca didn't turn it over when he was fired. That's why the place & date are false. Janet, Rebbie & Randy don't want to be the execs-they want different ones-ones that Mike respected & trusted, not ones that he distrusted & fired. Mike NEVER said Janet, Randy,Rebbie wanted his money. They separated Mike from his family w/ lies, they're trying to do it again. He died b/c he trusted these same people. Cont...


What label did Mike swear to never work w/ again & who did the execs sell Mike's music to? Sony. How much did the execs make from that sale & how much have they made off the estate to date? $2.5m & $50m + billed hours. Who controls EVERYTHING w/ the kids & KJ-housing, staff, cell phones, etc.? The execs. Do you really think Mike wanted them to control what they can/can't do? And the will? Cont...


You and your brothers need to get over yourselves!! Have your brothers EVER thought of paying their OWN bills!! Maybe getting a job..?? Just askin'... ps: is there ANYthing we can do to convince you Jackson's to just GO AWAY???


You don't know what Michael wanted as he had enough of your foolishness and banned you from his life - which is historical record.


Since the loss of Michael Jackson, Janet, Randy, and Rebbie's principal concern has been and continues to be GETTIN' HIS MONEY JUST LIKE THE HOOD RATS ON JUDGE JOE!". You lie Janet.


Mike fired Branca & no docs show he was rehired. Branca says Mike re-hired him per a (no witness) conversation they had 18 days b4 Mike died. Mike fired him b/c an investigation proved Mottola did multiple deposits to Branca's offshore (carribean) account while Mike was fighting w/ Sony over his catalog. Sony had same lawyer working for them as rep'd Mike signing w/ them & sony wanted his catalog. Mike's estate owns 50% of the now sony/atv catalog. Cont...


janet ur an idiot, u and those other loosers stay away from those kids ur freakin crazy, attorney? why don't u say something urself?

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