Janet Jackson Did NOT Slap or Verbally Abuse Paris Jackson, Report Says

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Janet Jackson did not slap or verbally abuse her niece Paris Jackson during their alleged, heated confrontation last week, a new report clarifies.

A TMZ story claimed Janet tried to grab Paris' cell phone, then called her a "spoiled little bitch," at which point Paris told Janet to get the eff out.

While there's clearly tension between them, the celebrity news site now says Janet did not slap or otherwise touch Paris, or verbally abuse her.

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Police were called to investigate some altercation on the property last week, though no arrests were made and few details officially confirmed.

It's a monumental, confusing and ugly mess dating all the way back to objections over Michael Jackson's will, which left his estate to the kids.

The family's bad blood has subsided somewhat, with TJ Jackson appointed the temporary guardian of the children, but relations remain icy.

Janet, along with her siblings Jermaine, Rebbie and Randy Jackson, are barred from Katherine Jackson's house by court order at the moment.

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Jacksons be strong and continue to stick together to remove the greedy executive, watch your mother. GE rid of the so call executives. They knew the kids are vulnerable and mother is okay. They are trying to separate the family who do they think they (executives to take your family inheritance I to Get your Father and the siblings out get rid of them before something does happens
I agreed with Randy beware of the shady executives.... wow!


Paris is spoiled.


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I'm surprised this is just now coming out. Paris HERSELF confirmed Janet did not slap her. A fan tweeted Paris asking if Janet really slapped her and Paris response was, "nope." It's in her July 24th tweet.