James Holmes Shooting Victim Pushes for Painful Death Penalty

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Carli Richards, a 22-year old who was shot in the back by James Holmes during his alleged rampage in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, wants to see the murder suspect given the death penalty.

In the most painful way possible.

"I think death by firing squad would be totally justified," Richards tells TMZ, showing that site her body's bullet holes. "Just injecting him is painless."

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Holmes is facing 24 counts of first-degree murder and prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty if he's convicted, as long as surviving victims or families of those killed are in support of that punishment.

"I had enough needles in me that night to know that a needle isn't that bad. I want him to see what it feels like," Richards says of her hospital experience and her feelings on Holmes, adding:

"I wish someone would shoot him and let him bleed out… He shot me with stuff they use to shoot birds and deer. I want him to feel what it's like to feel that helpless."

Both Richards and her boyfriend made it out of the movie theater alive, but this young woman says she's still in pain and her injuries are preventing her from working.

Elsewhere, Steven Hernandez - the brother of late victim Rebecca Wingo, whose mother is suing the theater inside which the tragedy took place - echoes Richards' sentiments.

"Allow the justice system to punish this murderer," he also tells TMZ. "I want to see him sentenced to death and I hope he sits in jail many years waiting to die.

What do you think, readers? If found guilty, should James Holmes receive the death penalty?


i say kill him put him on the front line an shoot him that guy knew what he was doing an now he will suffer i would let the victims family shoot him down


You people seriously think that this guy doesn't deserve the death penalty? All the people he killed and the ones he injured and yet you guys think they should leave him alone? F*cking idiots I swear this country is filled with RETARDS. This murderer deserves to be thrown in a pit of snakes and left to die there !


@Heather McCurdy I understand what you're saying, but if it was up to you and you were the the judge and didnt need a jury what would his punishment be? I see you didnt agree with any of the request that was posted on here, so what would yours be.


Enlightened!! You sound insane as well.


@RA - I like your creative idea but I think we need to keep this pig far away from Florida. Chances are the Florida legal system might find a way to say he's not guilty like they did with that disgusting whore Casey Anthony.


We are have having a discussion where everyone gets to write their point of views and not racially disrepect any race. No racial slurs have yet to be used. Please ignore any racial commits because they are just looking for someone to fuel their fire and pay them attention. My father has always told me if you ignore ignorance it well fade away. No matter what they write, ignore them.


He is white, no dead penalty for him even if he kills Obama!


he is DEAD already


Forget the firing squad, I've got a better idea: Once convicted we take him directly to The Everglades in Florida and find a Cypress Stump in the Swamp and cover him in honey and set him about ankle deep in the water and leave him. I think thats very humane for someone like Holmes, don't you?


Yes we need to weed out the crazys genetically and I don't want to pay for their three meals a day and health care. Painful death absolutely, cyanide is not pleasant it takes time to die. Also we need to rid the country of
Semiautomatic weapons in fact weapons of any kind look at England's firearms homicides one one hundredth
Of the united states. It's like taking nuclear arms away from humans. Same difference.

@ Doh

So you think everyone with a mental illness needs to be killed, "weed out the crazys"...you know who else thought that?! HITLER! I swear just because someone is mentally ill does not mean you are paying for anything of their because the government don't help them to begin with. If you think that is where your tax money is going you are sorely mistaken and there for "crazy"...now how do you like it?! F*ing C U N T !!!!

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