Hope Solo: Maksim Chmerkovskiy SLAPPED Me on Dancing With the Stars!

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Hope Solo claims in her new memoir, Solo: A Memoir of Hope, that Maksim Chmerkovskiy slapped her across the face on Dancing With the Stars in 2011.

Maksim is reportedly adamant that this did NOT occur and shocked that the slap story somehow made it into the U.S. women's soccer team goaltender's book.

In it, she says Chmerkovskiy slapped her hard during a tense rehearsal while trying to put her head in the correct position for a dancing move. You buy it?

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The two were partners who famously clashed on the show, but this was mostly attributed at the time to them each being intense competitors and athletes.

They've had dinner several times since the show, and she tweeted to Maks before the Olympics, offering him free tickets (Hope led the U.S. to gold, as usual).

Maks says he has no idea why Hope would publish such a false, defamatory statement and posted a statement on Twitter Thursday without naming names:

“Always hated hypocrites and liars… but when someone is both AND an opportunist, I just feel bad for them. Can’t win at someone’s expense,” he wrote.

Is it possible that she exaggerated an incident for her book just to make splashy headlines? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


I hate HIM and i have always hated him so i hope he sees this but hope would never lie and i saw a video of that happening so it true. He should be off dwts and hope should get a new partner. I stick up for hope and she deserves to be treated right.


First of all everyone connected with DWTS have huge egos. THe contestants are no exception. Hope struck me from the start as an egotist. Certainly Max has a huge ego too. If the incident happened it was becasue the two often clashed, but remembaer, he is the boss of the duo. He wants to win because it means more money per week and his status remains highest on that show. She often fought him in rehearsals. If it was so bad why didn't she open her mouth then? Why now? If it was written by a ghost writer then I put less credibility to the charge. Max is no fool. He would know the boundaaries of their relationship on that show.


I imagine Hope's book was ghost written and she probably said Maks slapped her in turning her head. Ghost writers tend to add drama...it makes the book more saleable. And I'm sure Hope didn't read the book carefully before okaying it. I thought Maks treated her very well and seemed to be interested in her as a person. You have to understand professionals in any sport or endeavor like this aren't in it to lose. It is their job to win and sometimes it is at any cost. Remember John McEnroe? I agreed with him because he trained hard and fought hard to get fairness from the judges who often times missed calls. Same with dancing.


kimberly: len has been TOTALLY disrespectful towards maks from day 1...as has the REST of the judges....they kiss both derek and mark's asses every week....and i'm SICK of it. alisa


if it really DID happen, as someone else stated....WHY DIDN'T SHE FILE CHARGES and accept a DIFFERENT partner, when it was offered?....she's got a SWELLED HEAD and thinks her poop doesn't stink...she was a royal pain in the butt for maks, that whole season...and imo, he had every right to be upset with the judges....their harder on him then ANYONE else....they kiss derek and mark's ASSES...and i for 1 am SICK of their treatment of him. alisa


Good grief, we all know when a celeb has a bio written things tend to be taken out of context even misleading. Usually to make the bio more interesting and not dull. It's wrong to exploit someone like that but it happens, I doubt it's meant to cause harm/defamation against the person mentioned. If anything Hope should speak to Max about it so things don't completely get blown out of porportion if indeed this is in the book. Sure she's outspoken but I doubt she'd deliberately do something to insult him. It's not the first time something like this has happened, bio books usually have plenty of drama.


If it was so bad, why didn't she file charges then?


I am not too crazy about dancing skills or dancing pleasure or dancing hobby. I love this young lady, so successful and sporty.
I love succer.
If someone would ask me -- for whom do you vote? Always ... Hope Solo !


the only reason maks spoke to the judge lkike he did was because he was being rude to Hope, and this is how she thanks him. by spreading lies.


I don't believe it. Hope was crabby and pouty during that entire season of Dancing With the Stars, and Maks had his work cut out for him. If she had just acted half-way pleasant occasionally, she would probably have lasted longer. She was not likeable at all.

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