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You put our country down, yet you are constantly watching our tv shows and on our websites? Really? Exactly what country are you from that makes you so high and mighty? If you don't like us, GO AWAY!

These shows are basically freak shows. "Honey Boo Boo" is a show that makes fun of these people. We are not all like that. Same thing goes for Maury and the judge shows.

Many of us are well educated, hard working, God fearing people. Maybe you should visit here before you judge us all. That being said, you can have my gun when you pry it out of my Cold, dead hands!


As a non American I watch these "reality" shows and I make judgements. You are poorly educated, you can't speak legible English. I see people living in plywood shacks or construction trailers [plus camper trailers] in Alaska, up on pylons for the wind to get at them. Mobile homes, cars up on blocks - exactly what is your country like? On the news I see spree killers and serial murders. Teenagers on Maury dragging 100 men in looking for da baby daddy, and on the Judge Shows, complete morons who have no impulse control or logical thinking.

You stand alone among civilized country's. No one else lives in such a backwards society. You are a backwards gun loving society who are inherently violent and attack other countrys on false pretenses. Grow up for heavens sake.


The actions of these ppl speak very LOUDLY for themselves. Just remember that by watching it, you support it.

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