Hit the Road, Barack: Newsweek Cover Calls For Obama Defeat

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It’s not quite Time’s breastfeeding cover, but Newsweek is generating plenty of headlines with its new controversial cover story calling for President Obama's defeat.

The title says it all: “Hit the Road, Barack. Why We Need a New President.”

Niall Ferguson delves a list of what he calls Obama's broken promises and budget failures, advocating instead for the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Obama Newsweek Cover

In a statement addressing the cover, Newsweek’s executive editor, Justine Rosenthal, said they wanted to give readers a taste of both sides of the aisle.

"These are arguments; they aren’t just reported pieces," she says.

This certainly isn’t the first time Newsweek has had a controversial cover of late, having dubbed Obama “The First Gay President” earlier this year.

The magazine's penchant for buzzy covers extends beyond politics: Its most talked about may have been of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Regarding the Obama cover, you can follow the link to read why the publication feels we need a new president, though it's really nothing new.

If you think Obama deserves four more years, you know the counter-arguments. If you want him out, you'll probably agree with the bulk of it.

Either way, it doesn't offer much in the way of compelling insight and appears geared more towards generating viral buzz than hard-hitting journalism.

Decision 2012: Who's got your vote?


@Matt Sorree mizzed fone. Yeah, maybe Obama's preferential treatment of other nations means he's pretending to the President of the World!! Yet he can't run the USA effectively--what can I say! The man's always biting off more than he can chew! Gotta get him outta office! Man's woefully incompetent! Glad 2016 was good...gotta get to a showing.


@Kansas- This guy is so proud of his GM Bailout! The thing is- if he gets a 2nd term he will probably have a chance to Bail them out again. GM is once again losing money. Tax Payers own 26% of the company. The stock would have to reach $53 a share to break even. It's around $20 today. We hold 10 billion in GM stock thats not counting the 16 billion in loses we are taking since what the stock was -at the time of the Bailout ! ANOTHER OBAMA SUCCESS STORY! HE WON'T LET US DRILL OFF THE COAST OF FLORIDA BUT HE GIVES SOUTH AMERICA MONEY TO PUT THEIR PEOPLE TO WORK! HELPS AFRICAN FARMERS BUT NOT AMERICANS TO GET JOBS.


I am not voting for ether. I don't understand why you are only giving a choice between Obama and Romney when there are other canidates to choose from.


The minute you wrote I'm not an American- You wasted your time! Go back home.


I always love how these " masked foreigners" put there 2 cents worth in on American politics. Talk about a useless opinion. @ Eyes- I hope you saw 2016! Good movie. Eyes- what got me, place was packed and 50% were ove 60 yrs. old. Lots of " Medicare Generation" interest. Between his Mother, Father & Step Father- his Mother was the Radical! Yeah- White woman marries a black and she's Radical! Hard to beleive - I know. Bamie Senior spreaded his seed everywhere. His Grandfather(mom side) introduced him to Davis - a card caring communist! That was one of his mentors. Along with Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. You gotta see it! It all adds up!


supporting the muslim brotherhood with all that $$$$ and all the starving kids in this country????!!!! omg. we are going down the toilet. i will always raise my american flag though, even if they shot me doing it....he needs to go back from whence he came--if they can figure out where!!!! GOD help the U.S.A. because we can't seem too.


I'm not an American but do follow your politics. I have done so since I was a teenager. I was not an Obama fan, but after you morons elected Bush for the second term in which time he ruined jobs, the economy and everything else he touched, how can you want that bunch of boobs (Romney and Ryan) who are elitists and downright stupid about international affairs? The terrorists must be wringing their hands with glee at the prospect of President Mitt Romney. I would take a strong long at the idiots who run Newsweek and do some housecleaning.




No wonder Newsweek is failing. They are doing Tabloid Journalism.

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