Hit the Road, Barack: Newsweek Cover Calls For Obama Defeat

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It’s not quite Time’s breastfeeding cover, but Newsweek is generating plenty of headlines with its new controversial cover story calling for President Obama's defeat.

The title says it all: “Hit the Road, Barack. Why We Need a New President.”

Niall Ferguson delves a list of what he calls Obama's broken promises and budget failures, advocating instead for the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Obama Newsweek Cover

In a statement addressing the cover, Newsweek’s executive editor, Justine Rosenthal, said they wanted to give readers a taste of both sides of the aisle.

"These are arguments; they aren’t just reported pieces," she says.

This certainly isn’t the first time Newsweek has had a controversial cover of late, having dubbed Obama “The First Gay President” earlier this year.

The magazine's penchant for buzzy covers extends beyond politics: Its most talked about may have been of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Regarding the Obama cover, you can follow the link to read why the publication feels we need a new president, though it's really nothing new.

If you think Obama deserves four more years, you know the counter-arguments. If you want him out, you'll probably agree with the bulk of it.

Either way, it doesn't offer much in the way of compelling insight and appears geared more towards generating viral buzz than hard-hitting journalism.

Decision 2012: Who's got your vote?


Newsweek Controversial cover: "Hit The Road, Barack" Full Cover Story (Video) Here: http://su.pr/2wPnXI


@Eyes- I don't know why Newsweek even published this story. We have bigger fish to fry. True Story- Last week- Some asshole ( I'm guessing democrat) scattered raw bacon on the ground before a MUSLUM gathering celebrating Ramadan. Muslims of course don't eat pork! Staten Island "NYPD" got involved and their "HATE CRIME TASK FORCE" is involved. I'm not bullshitting Eyes! The more I think about it pisses me off! It's disrespectful, appalling and there's no excuse! I mean seriously- have you priced Bacon lately?


I do want to get Obama out of the white house, but anyone who thinks Mitt Romney is the answer probably suffers from some sort of delusions. I think south Park said it best in their Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwhich episode. Maybe I'm a little delusional too, but I'm still holding out hope that some how Ron Paul gets the nomination in Tampa. He's really the only one I could vote for and still look at myself in the mirror in the morning.


.....this shit is sOoOo fuckin embarassing!!! I swear.no wonder foreign countries laugh N mock us....not to mention they practically run the US....what would we do without foreign oil. Or china???? We sucked as a country BEFORE obama came into office....no matter what president gets elected we are going to fail miserably!!! If all you idiots voted for Bush's ass you should think twice about voting for Rommney/Ryan!!!! Ive said this before but imma say it again.....OBAMA ALL THE FUCKIN WAY!!!!!!


Did the Super Heroes go to bed already??


My Founding Fathers were- Jefferson, Franklin & Washington. OBAMAS- Bill Ayers, Davis, and Reverend Wright.


Wow! Super heroes are just....so...damned...SUPER!!! :)


Newsweek? Wanting to present BOTH sides?????? What? Did the Good Journalism Fairy finally bash the editors with her wand??? What took her so long to get there to Newsweek's office??? Now it's time for that same fairy to get over to CNN and MSNBC...'course with the latter I think this spritely little pixie will have to bash Toure, Maddow, Mathews and the whole lot quite a few times to get the point across! Ha!


@Claudia- maybe what you are feeling is the symptoms of your own racism. This guy was a Senator for a short time. He had no political background to speak of. Before that he was a civil servant. The only reason he was able to get the presidency was because he was BLACK! No white person could have ever become President with that less of a political background. It gave voters a chance to prove they weren't racist by voting for him. Voters wanted to say they voted for the 1st Black President. Only after- did people ask who he was. The only thing Obama has proven is the 1st Black Prez. can be just as sorry as any white one before him. Your Race Card expiration date has passed! We are done with that guilt trip. He is out! Deal with it!


That's what's wrong with this country...The idiot with the name of SUPERMAN shows just how racist and stupid SOME of these so called AMERICANS are...NULL...I agree with you..They want to get the BLACK MAN out and to hell with the country! Go back to where he came from they say...dumb a.... he came from here! HATE HATE HATE IS ALL I READ CONCERNING THIS PRESIDENT...WHY AREN'T YOU HATING CONGRESS? No more comments for Satan filled individuals...

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