Hillary Clinton Dresses Down Moderator Over Fashion Question

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An excerpt of an interview with Hillary Clinton in Kyrgyzstan is generating major buzz over her response to a moderator's question about  - what else - her fashion sense.

Here's the transcript of the exchange ...

    MODERATOR 1: OK. Which designers do you prefer?
    CLINTON: What designers of clothes?
    MODERATOR 1: Yes.
    CLINTON: Would you ever ask a man that question? (Laughter.) (Applause.)
    MODERATOR 1: Probably not. Probably not. (Applause.)

HC in Charge

Owned. The exchange, posted on Tuesday by Boston Review, has been shared thousands of times online, even though it actually took place back in 2010.

Clinton's awesome response has garnered widespread praise among women, though to be fair, 99 percent of the town hall-style interview was focused on the ever-turbulent global political and socioeconomic climate, foreign and domestic policy.

Nevertheless, we wouldn't recommend asking such trivial questions, future moderators. Have you seen the texts from Hillary Clinton? She runs the world.

Chelsea Clinton in Vogue? More topical, but probably still out of bounds.


Doh - "This country is so lucky to have people like Hillary and bill working for this country to the point of exhaustion at times." Hillary, yes; Bill - ROFLOL LOL LOL!!! Bill is more interested in what's under a girl's dress than who designed it. Had Hillary been REAL smart, she'd have kicked that old dog to the curb years ago. She doesn't need him anymore than someone needs an old rusting anchor tied around their neck.


I'm no Hillary fan, but good call on this one. They don't ask male politicians and legislators this question, why would anyone with sense ask it of a female one?

Wv peach

Bravo Madame Secretary!!


THG is showing responsibility. It's their site. That can erase whatever they choose. Get over it!


This country is so lucky to have people like Hillary and bill working for this country to the point of exhaustion at times. Who cares what they wear what their hair styles are. I would vote her in for president in four years.


i say, GOOD for hillary....if you wouldn't ask a man that question, then WHY would you ask a woman. alisa


Hillary Clinton is nothing, but a lesbian. Why she is the Secretary of State is beyond my comprehension. And furthermore for her to be dirty dancing is so disrespectful. OFF WITH HER HEAD SAID THE RED QUEEN.


What a stupid question ! It is obvious that Hillary does not have a fashion sense whatsoever. In fact all she wears are those funny dyke looking pant suites.


Good for her, about time someone did that!

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