Hillary Clinton Dancing: Secretary of State Gets Down in South Africa!

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was seen dancing up a storm during a dinner on Tuesday in Johannesburg, South Africa. The woman's got moves!

On the latest leg of her 11-day African tour, the 64-year-old was cheered on by the attendees of the dinner, hosted by the South African Foreign Minister.

Watch Hill get DOWN on the dance floor below!

Clinton has already visited Senegal, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Malawi; after South Africa she'll head to Nigeria, followed by Ghana and Benin.

Last but not least, her trip concludes with a crucial summit being held in Turkey on the situation in Syria. We recommend more dancing to break the ice.


Hilliary should be in the oval office right now. She has the background and the knowledge to do the job. Democrats really over estimated obama and his approachability. He is a vintage Chicago politician who has stooped so low as to accuse Romney of killing a cancer patient and tax evasion over the past 10 years! Romney should be on the 10 most wanted with all that. Democrats with their attack adds are losing each day in the polls because their own house is a total mess. Democrats do not check their facts and use people for their attack adds. What happened to the Hope & Change campaign? What is Obama all about?


Is your snot nosed ass tailgating me? How bout embracing the national debt?


Its called embracing other countries customs/culture. Most presidents have done this and so have countless politicians who go abroad. All u do is bitch about everything even the most inconsequential.


Obama sings and this one dances! Trying to drum up money since the well over here is dry? Probably looking to sink some more tax money into helping the African Farmers!

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