High School Valedictorian Denied Diploma For Saying "Hell" in Graduation Speech

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Kaitlin Nootbaar, an Oklahoma high school valedictorian, is being denied her diploma ... because she said the word HELL in her May graduation speech.

She graduated from Prague High School with a 4.0 GPA, but has been told she will have to submit a written apology in order to receive her diploma.

"We went to the office and asked for the diploma and the principal said, 'Your diploma is right here but you're not getting it,'" her dad, David, recalled.

"'Close the door, we have a problem.'"

In her speech - obviously inspired by a similar address in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Kaitlin reflected on being asked constantly what her future plans are.

"How the hell do I know?" she said. "I've changed my mind so many times."

In the version she submitted to the school for approval, "hell" was "heck." But in the version Nootbaar delivered live at graduation, "hell" it was.

Now it's what she's going through, you could say. All because Bella's graduation scene in Eclipse was so profound. Kristen Stewart just can't win.

"She worked so hard to stay at the top of her class," David Nootbaar said of his daughter not receiving her diploma. "This is just not right."

Should Kaitlin apologize and get her diploma?


I am not a fan of the word hell or the place. It was a quote from a current author.Kaitlin earned the right to give her speech & receive a 2012 diploma from Prague. Home of the red devils. If sheis required by handbook policy to apologize in writing. Then PHS should change their mascot! Why did administraitors approve the word "heck" for a graduation address? Hind sight is 20/20. Kristen St ewart not a very good role at this time. TBH Kaitlin may not regret her choice. So good-bye devils, Hello Prague panthers or pirates or even something red. Let student body vote on new name..


....this has got to be ONE of the stupidist things I have ever heard about!!! Really??? @ KIM.....are you fuckin stupid or something....since when is it against the LAW to say "hell?" Give this poor girl her fuckin diploma that she worked so hard for please....damn!!!


I think she needs to apologize. She should have known better. She took a special time for so many and degraded it down to a casual event. Very sad.


I absolutely think this girl needs to apologize. This wasn't at a bar or night club or an evening out with the girls. It was a high school graduation. It was very tacky and disrespectful to other graduates. Some people think they are above the law. Sorry, honey you AREN'T!!!


Minta.... YOU'RE DUMB! Are u trying to be cute? I think the girl should get her diploma but she made an a$$ out of herself


What do we expect - it's friggin Oklahoma. They are still fighting to teach creationism as science. Right up there with Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas in lacking an educated population. If this girl is smart she will get the HELL out of the state as soon as possible and find a better life.