High School Valedictorian Denied Diploma For Saying "Hell" in Graduation Speech

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Kaitlin Nootbaar, an Oklahoma high school valedictorian, is being denied her diploma ... because she said the word HELL in her May graduation speech.

She graduated from Prague High School with a 4.0 GPA, but has been told she will have to submit a written apology in order to receive her diploma.

"We went to the office and asked for the diploma and the principal said, 'Your diploma is right here but you're not getting it,'" her dad, David, recalled.

"'Close the door, we have a problem.'"

In her speech - obviously inspired by a similar address in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Kaitlin reflected on being asked constantly what her future plans are.

"How the hell do I know?" she said. "I've changed my mind so many times."

In the version she submitted to the school for approval, "hell" was "heck." But in the version Nootbaar delivered live at graduation, "hell" it was.

Now it's what she's going through, you could say. All because Bella's graduation scene in Eclipse was so profound. Kristen Stewart just can't win.

"She worked so hard to stay at the top of her class," David Nootbaar said of his daughter not receiving her diploma. "This is just not right."

Should Kaitlin apologize and get her diploma?


Why is everyone hating on Oklahoma residents?
That has nothing to do with why it happened.


HELL YEAH Kaitlin should receive her high school diploma!!!!! In my book, a 4.0 GPA is beyond impressive!!!!! That Oklahoma high school refusing to give Kaitlin her diploma because she used the word "hell" in her graduation speech is totally W-R-O-N-G. And that principal sounds like a really stuffy-ass DOUCHE-BAG!!!!! Most of all, Kaitlin should receive her diploma and N-O-T apologize!!!!! And, as for that so-called school system in Oklahoma, the school system itself can FUCK OFF!!!!!


What happens when you're not creative enough to write your own speech n steal it from a movie.


I don't understand what the fuss is all about. I don't consider the word "hell" to be cuss/swear word, and don't understand how or why other students would be embarrased or ashamed. And what's this "against the law" stuff? Since when is saying the word "hell" against the law? The whole thing is just too ridiculous. I knew the south was conservative, but this is just plain crazy!


There wouldn't be any point in sueing because in the copy approved by the school the word Heck was in it not H-E-Double hockey sticks lol


HELL HELL HELL HELL HELL... HELLAAAA HELLLAAAAAAA! Dumb. Uneducated. HICKS. For all the trash we say on tv and hear in our every day life... I don't think saying the word "hell" should be a criteria for not graduating. I would SUE the school/principal.


The point that everyone is missing is the fact that she lied. Real leaders DO NOT lie and if this girl expects to be a success she better start learning how the world works and how a leader is expected to communicate with their team.


Maybe she is just the ultimate bitch. Woo Hoo............


it figures this happened in oklahoma, she earned her diploma, give the girl her damn diploma!


@GreySkies It's obvious that cursing is a common task for you, so you wouldn't understand that it is tacky and trashy to curse at a high school graduation.