Happy 66th Birthday, Bill Clinton!

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The 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, celebrates his birthday today. The Big Dawg is now 66 years young. Happy birthday, Bubba!

William Jefferson Clinton, the pride of Hope, Ark., remains the only Democrat to win two full White House terms since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Clinton presided over the largest peacetime economic expansion in U.S. history, and left office extremely popular, despite the whole impeachment thing.

Hey, no one's perfect, right?

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His wife, Hillary Clinton, is currently U.S. Secretary of State, and their daughter, Chelsea, says she's considering running for office too someday.

Whatever she does, she'll make mom and dad proud.

These days, Bill runs the extremely influential Clinton Global Initiative and remains a leading voice for progressive economic and social policies.

Expect to see him featured prominently at the Democratic National Convention in a few weeks, making the case for President Obama's reelection.

Here's wishing Clinton - who reportedly went vegan after his bypass surgery - a very happy 66th. A veggie burger to celebrate, perhaps?


Get out of the Forrest, Gump...This Prezzy "made" women, "boned" women, "bedded" women...even with the procuring help of State Troopers! He was a sleezy lil' horn dog! And he tried to get us to believe he "never inhaled", yeah, right! Obama? Oh hell, he was tokin' off everywhere. Didn't mind tellin' ya neither! He inhaled..and inhaled...and inhaled! @Zero: Billy Jeff was a moderate...and he got his arm twisted by the Republicans...and the economy grew! That crazy radical in the Oval Office now has NO clue how to turn things around! He's worse than BOOOSH!


he made ideed a difference.


WOOOO HOOOO, Best Pres ever, the country was in the freakin BLACK in fact everyone else owed us, unemployment was down, people were actually makin $, (((BUT THEN CAME BOOOSH))) I could care less about Monica, compared to what he did for us/U.S. Let's see how much $ did BOOOSH make us/U.S.? Oh yeah, lol 2 wars (we will never pay off) major loss of life (but who cares our Marines are RAPEING their fellow female Marines) I mean hell if BOOOSH'S boys ignore it I guess it doesn't happen, right? Freakin idiots, I hate this place -I'm outa here


@ Matt: Yep, Billy Jeff has the rhetoric "goods" to zing Obama, but good. 'Course if the convention seats are half empty, it won't have the impact, but still ...... I'll applause when it happens! Talk about a loose cannon! :)


1998? That would put Bill at 52? Wow! Seems like just yesterday when " Slick Willy" and Monica were getting a little face time! @Eyes-I'm taking 2-1 odds that Billy will sabotage Obamas ass at the convention! That speech they give him will be wadded up and thrown to the floor as he walks to the podium- then he will reach in his pocket and pull out the only copy of his own- handwritten speech! Probably be on an EBay auction the following week. These idiots that hang on to this hopeless dream.. They pop their head up and spew. Billy has a score to settle and the convention will give him that National audience he so dearly loves.

Wv peach

I think old Bubba is sexy! Lol! Happy Birthday!

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