Happy 54th Birthday, Michael Jackson!

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The late, great Michael Jackson would have been 54 today.

As the dominant entertainer of his generation, if not world history, it's no surprise that his music and legacy continue to spark passion among fans young and old.

The commemoration of Jackson's August 29 birthday has, for the fourth consecutive year, sparked tributes to the music icon from Gary, Ind., who died in June 2009.

Vintage Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

Chances are, you know most if not all there is to know about MJ - from his dozens of hit songs and personal eccentricities to the feuding among his siblings.

But it's still sad he's gone, especially today. One hopes he'll be remembered more than anything for his talent and his three wonderful, well-raised children.

Prince, Paris and Blanket would make him so proud.

Michael shares his birthday with Courtney Stodden and Lea Michele. Happy birthday to those ladies as well. Now, here is a little photo tribute to MJ ...

Michael in Concert
This Is It
Michael Joseph Jackson Picture
Michael Jackson Entertainment Weekly Cover (III)
Michael Jackson, Children
An MJ Pic
Michael Jackson Trial Pic
Michael Cover
This Was It
This Is It Movie Poster
The Moonwalk
Off the Wall

I MISS UR SMILE MICHAEL ,I ALWAYS LOVE U...........Happy Birthday ..... 29/2/2013.


Happy birthday MICHAEL and miss you .


adoro a MICHAEL,es mi idolo desde la infancia y estoy super contenta porque ahora conoci a otra admiradora d el y somos grandes amigas,asi que,admiradoras de MICHAEL,no se rindan si n conocen todvia a alguien que lo aprecie en algun momento les va a pasar lo mismo que me paso ahora a mi.saludos y no dejen de AMAR A MICHAEL JACKSON EL CREADOR Y UNICO IDOLO DE LA HISTORIA Y EL MUNDO ENTERO,SIGAN SIENDO FIELES A SU MUSICA,ESTILO Y SIGAN CREYENDO EN EL.gracias por escucharme y dejarme escuchar.


You are my God n more than my parents. I can even give my whole life to you... You are in my mind, body, heart even in blood.. I have written your name in my heart with a parmanent marker.... Love u, miss u n always will be loving n mising U....


Heavenly Father, Please bless (Micheal Jackson)birthday.
Dear Lord, please protect and guide (Micheal Jackson) as he
continues along the path you’ve chosen for him.
Give him the courage to follow in your light, and feel
your love forever.
We know that life is like a book. With each new chapter, we learn and grow towards what you would have us be. Bless ( Micheal Jackson ) now on this day.In your name we pray,


Plus, Jehovah's witnesses don't observe bdays. "happy anniversary of your birth, Mj"
(you are probably black as a pot with flared nostrils up in heaven)


Jackson wanted to be a white lady, just look at it! He was talented as a singer when he was younger. He turned into a freak- a drug addict, wannabe white lady.


Fuck mother fucker..@ Pizza face. Michael Jackson is the god of pop and he is our religion..........No one deserves the right to abuse the King for ever!


Happy birdthay Michael Jackson


Happy Birthday my love!!!

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Gary, Indiana
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