Happy 51st Birthday, President Obama!

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The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama turns 51 today.

We're guessing he could use a vacation, but that it's not an option.

Between grappling with a stagnant economy and unemployment rate, widespread global instability and a climate that is very much in flux, there's the small matter of running for re-election in November of this turbulent year.

Simply put, he's in the fight of his life. Can Barack get it done!?

Obama Family

Recent polls have Obama and Republican Mitt Romney in a tight race for the presidency. Win or lose, this one's going down to the wire this fall.

Whichever side of the political spectrum you're on, you have to admit that the man's got a tough job. At the very least, Obama could use some birthday wishes right now.

Hang in there, Mr. President. Enjoy your Saturday. In honor of this special occasion, here are some Barack and Michelle Obama pics:

Obama Speech
Barack Obama Newsweek Cover
Old Obama Photo
Obama and College Student
Barack Obama at Florida Atlantic University
Is It Hot In Here Or ...
Barack Obama at the UN
A Barack Pic
El Presidente
President Obama in Florida
Barack and Michelle Pic
Obama Family
Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama

Four more years?


@I'm confused: Be confused no more! It only reflects the hypocrisy that runs rampant amongst the liberal set! Nothing new here! Sit back and observe. In the months to come you'll see so much more--hell, they're just warmin' up!


Jesus! I just hope that he's celebrating his next birthday in the south side of Chicago feverishly working on his memoirs while calling every little online contributor ("If you could only give $5 it would be appreciated!") to help him build his Presidential Library in The Windy City. Happy Birthday, Loser!


Obamas buddy- the Mayor of Chicago wants Chick-Fil-A out - they are not welcome BUT- Louis Farrakan is shown with the Mayors arm around him as Farrakan a MUSLUM and Muslims don't approve of the gay lifestyle is called upon to help with the Chicago crime problem? What a wicked web!


In October 2010 Obamas posse the " GSA" spent a WHOPPING 823K on a Vegas (Tax Dollar) trip. 300 people spent damn near a million TAX dollars in one weekend. 4000 picture frames. For a Team Building exercise -Red White and Blue Drum Sticks for a grand total of $20,500. Nothing like Drum Sticks to bring a team together. What pulls at the Heart Strings is the 15k they spent for year books and commemorative coins. They just gotta be proud. 500k in stimulus money is still missing and the Mustang Ranch 5 miles outside Vegas put in an Olympic size swimming pool in last fall- you do the math.


this whole thing is sickening. walter cronkite & peter jennings
would roll over in their graves if only they knew. this is what happens when 1 person can waltz in and buy a conglomerate of newspapers and tv stations. they decide what will be news in alignment with their political affiliation. gabby giffords shooter was immediatly labeled a tea party member. this was false. ABC's brian ross reports that james holmes in aurora was a tea party member and as a result a 52 yr. old hispanic man (jim holmes) in aurora has to shut off his phone because he's getting death threats. only the 52 yr. old was a tea party member. we all know what spike lee did with the elderly couple in new york with twitter. if people want to protest something maybe they should protest a fraud. chick-fil-a advertises a good product and they deliver. the major news networks do not deliver news, only gossip. gossip that put lives in jeopardy.


In the early days of the Tea Party movement the La Rouche Organization was found guilty of carring signs of Hitler. As a result this radical leftist group succeeded in having Tea Party Members being called racist and terrorist. In July a report was brought forward that Obama appointed a committee investigating the " BLACK PANTHER INTIMIDATION TACTICS" in Philadelphia at the polls in 2008. Just as the justice Department was about to file charges OBAMAS people had the justice department drop charges.


The Liberal Media is the most biased form of Journalism there is. Instead of reporting the facts they take the facts and spin them with their own ideological agenda. They push the most mundane story and spin it to make it seem like the Nations Hottest News. Obama- Evolves
Romney -Flipflops Timothy McVeigh the OKC Bomber was labeled as the Christian Bomber. Absurd this was because McVeigh never once spoke or wrote of any Religion.
MSNBC reports that Ann Romney is using Horseback riding as a front for her expensive Stables and claiming its to help with her MS
Later - with the spin removed facts show that many who have MS find Horseback Riding therapeutic and Doctors agree.


In 2000 the Liberal Media reported that Bush had lost in Florida even before the polls were closed in hopes of getting Republicans to stay home imagining that Bush had lost. That lie cost Bush over 10k votes and as a result Gore won by 500 votes.


he's over the hill now
chuckle chuckle :) Happy Birthday Obama!


Happy Birthday Obama!

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