Hank Williams Jr. on Barack Obama: We've Got a Muslim President and We Hate Him!

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Ah, Hank Williams Jr.

Guy really needs to join fellow musicians Ted Nugent and Dave Mustaine on a Anti-Obama Conspiracy Tour 2012. The sound bites would be incredible.

At his concert Friday night at the Iowa State Fair - where Obama bought beers earlier in the week - Williams absolutely laid into the President on stage.

What did he say, exactly?

Hank Williams, Jr. Photo
Obama Speech

Following Williams' song "We Don’t Apologize For America” a chant of “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A” broke out amongst the crowd, according to the Des Moines Register.

Hank told the crowd he was their mouthpiece, and said, “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the US and we hate him!”

The cheers that followed were loud and enthusiastic.

A hard-line Republican, Williams was fired by ESPN last fall after dropped after he made similarly offensive comments about President Obama last year.

Amazingly, Hank's belief that Barack is Muslim (he's Christian) is only the second most absurd thing we've heard a musician say about him this week.

Did you guys know Obama staged the Aurora shooting?!?

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Ahhhhhh...obviously the trollies were out last night! A Troll never sleeps, eh? WV Peach I new you were part of the 67 crowd probably along with Julie (Hi 67!), ha! I'm quite independent of Matt! And no, I'm not one in the same. I know it's difficult for you lil' trolls to swallow, but there are so many more than Matt-0-rama that hold certain views. Get over it!


I'm sorry Tyrone, but what the fuck are you saying? I'd probably agree with you if I knew what the hell you were on about. Phonetic-text-speak is so bloody infuriating and I'm sure you're intelligent enough to be able to write a legible sentence, if maybe a little too lazy to do so. You're not going to get your point across when no one understands you or decline to even attempt to read your comments because of the inaneness of the way they are written. So come on man! Step up and get your point across in a fashion that we can all understand!


Hey WV Peach, you know what's hilarious? - Kansas Jayhawk is actually Matt himself! His comments so crack me up. I don't think he has a clue about how stupid he sounds. What a loser......


Hank and all the racist that are posting racist slander are coward...
Obama rock and hank is and idiot and a coward....right wing nut job..f hank and his music


Sorry for all of my disgusting comments people. I have sever mental problems and will seek help. Amen i


Two things will never change Hank Williams Jr and racist Matt (Reed) . The latter is truly a blowhard and the former should have done it differently.
Hank can be ignored but Matt, until THG DOES SOMETHING ABOUT HIM, people will continue to whatever this site. They are sister company of TMZ.


soooooooooooo everyone that just doesn't love Obama is a racist.
Get real people, no matter who the president may be there will be those that do not care for his politics and those that say he can do no wrong. If so many are just plain racists then how do he get elected to begin with? and yes he has apologized to other countries for OUR COUNTRY. LIKE it or not he has, more than once. I just hate it when race is always brought into everything when a black person is involved. Why isn't it so for a white person? it's okay to say "White Trash" good grief if the term of "black trash" which I've never heard was to be used..... Get real with your polictical correct BS.


Debate? Are you capable of debating? At least a monologue is closer to a debate than a one liner racist accusation.

Wv peach

@Jayhawk: whatever dude. I'm tired of you blowhards always being combative, rather than have a decent adult debate. Matt is your hero????? Now that's sad.


That's nasty Kansas- but you've never been more right.

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