Hank Williams Jr. on Barack Obama: We've Got a Muslim President and We Hate Him!

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Ah, Hank Williams Jr.

Guy really needs to join fellow musicians Ted Nugent and Dave Mustaine on a Anti-Obama Conspiracy Tour 2012. The sound bites would be incredible.

At his concert Friday night at the Iowa State Fair - where Obama bought beers earlier in the week - Williams absolutely laid into the President on stage.

What did he say, exactly?

Hank Williams, Jr. Photo
Obama Speech

Following Williams' song "We Don’t Apologize For America” a chant of “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A” broke out amongst the crowd, according to the Des Moines Register.

Hank told the crowd he was their mouthpiece, and said, “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the US and we hate him!”

The cheers that followed were loud and enthusiastic.

A hard-line Republican, Williams was fired by ESPN last fall after dropped after he made similarly offensive comments about President Obama last year.

Amazingly, Hank's belief that Barack is Muslim (he's Christian) is only the second most absurd thing we've heard a musician say about him this week.

Did you guys know Obama staged the Aurora shooting?!?

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No Hank. We hate you. Not the president. R u jealous because he's hot and u r not?


Hank is entitled to his opinion as are the rest of us posting here. I do take issue with THG calling Obama a Christian as he is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and isn't being very nice to Israel, Gods chosen people. I guess THG doesn't know what "Christian" means. Pity


no hank williams we hate you and your music more.that's why you were fired.ha ha




I was at the concert, I did not hear any of these comments. The show was awesome! Focus on that!


Sing it LOUD and CLEAR Hank!!!!! As an AMERICAN you have that right!!!! If people don't like what you have to say then HEY, SUCKS FOR THEM!!!!!!


WV Peach, I couldn't have said it better! :)

Wv peach

@Tequila911: Don't worry about these idiots (Matt, Jayhawk, and their silly friends). I find it both comical and sad to read their one-sided comments. Matt is one of those scared individuals who espouses neo-con views.....and uses that to validate his racism. You just can't reason with ignorance.


@Tequila 911 You know it's a good thing you only show up on rare occasion. You'd obviously make an even more horrendously big fool of yourself. You're smart to limit your appearances here. Sorry, but I'm not Matt. Awwwwwwwww...booze head got it wrong again! Maybe you need to put the spirits away and sober up. You might discover a whole "nuther" world out there beyond Trollville.


Hank has a right to his opinion why do all the black people cry racist every-time someone says anything about a black person what would they say if we had a white version of black tv or the NAACP or white brotherhood of congress it is getting old .................go get em Hank baby this is America you have a right to your opinion

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